What Does a Vein Specialist Do?


Your veins are among the most prominent blood vessels in your body as they are easily visible from your hands or legs and are used to introduce medications and other substances to the body. This makes them prone to various infections and conditions. These conditions are dealt with by a vein specialist Lakewood Ranch. More about what a vein specialist does and the benefits of working with one are discussed below.

Who is a Vein Specialist?

A vein specialist is a physician who focuses on the vein’s problems like vein insufficiency, an underlying cause of varicose veins. These specialists can treat not only varicose veins but also the underlying cause. Spider veins can also be treated.

A vein specialist must have undergone formal training in various vein procedures during their fellowship and residency training.

Vein specialists can be trained in other specialties, including family medicine, pain management, or internal medicine. Typically, there are three types of specialists, namely:

  •  Vascular Surgeons
  • Phlebologist
  • Vein Specialist

Vascular Surgeons

These professionals train in dealing with most vascular issues affecting both the veins and arteries. Five years of general surgery and an additional two years of subspecialty training are required. They go through training in identifying and dealing with surgical situations such as minimally invasive and endovascular techniques.

Vascular surgeons work together with intervention and cardiology professionals for training. The relevant boards give the trainees certification in managing arterial and venous conditions, including dealing with varicose veins.

The benefits of seeing a vascular surgeon include:

  •         Management of both straightforward and complex vein diseases due to their exclusive training
  •         Have hospital privileges to perform vascular operations
  •         Can offer care for the management of procedures before and after

A vascular surgeon has been replaced by minimally invasive methods for varicose vein removal; thus, surgery is not needed.


These physicians have various backgrounds that include:

  •         Internal medicine
  •         General surgery
  •         Cardiology
  •         Pain management
  •         Vascular surgery

For a phlebologist to be certified, formalized training completions in sectors of vascular medicine are not required. However, with additional training, they can be able to perform various vascular operations.

A qualified phlebologist that can deal with vascular issues is required to have:

  •         Formalized training completed in the related fields
  •         Background in ABMS specialties that are recognized
  •         Taken and passed a written exam for ABVLM certification

Vein Specialist

Vein specialists are medical personnel with ABMS certification. Since the modern treatment does not require surgery anymore, vein specialists need to be well trained in minimally invasive methods to identify, treat, and manage varicose veins.

Why should you choose to see a vein specialist?

  •         They have unique expertise and skills to perform minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedures learned during training
  •         They have all the background knowledge in complex or minor issues involving vascular surgery

Specialized vein doctors focus on dealing with issues affecting your veins. This puts them in a unique position to handle vein issues and other related problems. Check us out online for any vein doctor inquiries, or call our offices in Venice, FL.


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