Painting Timber Interiors

Painting Timber Interiors

If your home is heavy on the interior timber finishes, it may be time for an update. Too much timber can make a room feel closed in, not to mention dark, dim and dated. professional painters know that painting timber is a great way to modernise a room more affordably to make it feel much more light, airy and open. Rather than face the costly – and time-consuming – task of removing these features, why not paint them?

When it comes to painting timber interiors, it’s not just a matter of getting out the paint brush and getting on with it. To avoid costly mistakes and ensure you get the best finish possible, a little bit of prep work is needed first, and we recommend the services of interior house painters to help you achieve the refresh you’re looking for.

How to prep interior timber for painting

Painter experts recommend four key steps to prepping interior timber for painting:

  1. Filling cracks and checking for damaged areas
  2. Sanding
  3. Cleaning
  4. Masking

Let’s run through each step in more detail.

1. Filling cracks and checking for damaged areas

The first key step is to check the timber you want to paint for any damage. This may be cracks and dings in the timber, loose nails or screws or water damage from things such as plant pots. You can use a wood filler to cover these, if the damage is minimal, and then sand them back to make sure the repaired surface is smooth and lined up with the original timber. 

2. Sanding

Sanding is highly recommended by house painters, especially on glossy timber surfaces. This is so that any paint applied will have something to adhere to. Lightly sand with a medium grit wallpaper, to roughen up the surface. 

3. Cleaning

After filling, repairs and sanding comes cleaning. This will help remove any dust, dirt and built-up residue. Giving the general area a good vacuum is recommended, and a wipe down to make sure there is no grit or dust left that will impact the final painted surface. 

4. Masking

Interior painters strongly suggest masking any areas you don’t want painted, before you start painting. Use a good quality masking tape, and make sure you push the edges of the tape down fully, so you don’t get any unintentional paint spots or pools under the tape. 

A note for after painting: removing the tape in timely fashion afterwards is highly recommended, otherwise it may tear the painted edges from the timber surface. If you’re having trouble removing the masking tape, score the edge with a sharp blade first.

Interior timber painting

When painting timber, house painters recommend using a primer for the first coat, as it will give you a better finish and help seal the timber. Once primed, apply another two coats of your chosen paint. 

In terms of choosing your paint, this will be dependant on what you want the finish to look like. Low sheen paints are good for hiding imperfections in the underlying surface, which is why they’re popular for interiors and when painting over timber. Using gloss and semi-gloss paints will result in a much shinier finish that reflects light, and will show imperfections more clearly. 

House painters that can help with your timber painting

To instantly add light and a more modern look to your home for a fraction of the price, consider painting timber features rather than removing them. While it’s certainly a job you can do yourself, painters recommend using professional services to ensure you get a high-quality standard of finish. 

If you’re looking to modernise your home by painting timber, but want a long lasting, professional grade finish, then house painters Brisbane are here to help. To breathe new life into your home’s timber finishes, look for professional painters for expert advice and service.


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Title: Painting Timber Interiors with Brisbane Painters

Description 1: Brisbane painters know that painting timber is a great way to modernise a room more affordably to make it feel much lighter and more open.

Description 2: House painters in Brisbane know that painting timber is a great way to modernise a room more affordably to make it feel much lighter and more open.

Alt text: 1- Brisbane painters; house painters brisbane


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