Best Handbags for Men

hand bag for men

For everyday use, a man on the go is going to want a reliable bag to best meet their needs. But what kind of bag do you actually want? It depends on what you’re getting up to, but no matter what it is, there’s a handbag out there for you. Maybe you haven’t even thought of all the great reasons to carry a bag around, so here are some reasons why, as well as recommendations for the bag that’s your ideal pick!

Why Use a Handbag

You might be tempted to walk out the door without a bag. But there are reasons to reconsider that strategy! If you’re a student or businessperson, then you don’t need to be reminded; you’re probably well aware of how great a good bag can be. Here are just some of the reasons to keep a handbag with you:

  • Storage Space – First and foremost is the ability to carry more things with you when you’re out and about. If you need to keep papers, or schoolbooks, or your laptop with you, you’re going to want some kind of bag. A bag is also essential for recreational purposes, like if you’re going to a game or an outdoor activity like a hike.
  • Keeps Your Possessions Safe – A sturdy bag is a great way to keep your belongings from getting damaged. No one wants to carry their laptop by hand! With a solid bag, you can not only make it easier to carry thing, but also protect them from basic hazards, as well as the elements.
  • Looks Stylish – While practical concerns might be the first things you think about, don’t underestimate the value of a stylish bag. A bag that goes with your outfit can really emphasize your aesthetic, and can really impress people that see you. Whether the coworkers at the office, classmates at school, or your friends at leisure, you can stand out and make a bold statement with a classy bag.

With those reasons firmly cemented, here are some popular bags for men, with recommendations tailored to specific styles and uses.

1 ) Satchel Bags

These bags are also sometimes called messenger bags because they were very commonly used by messengers in the past. And it’s easy to see why. Satchel bags are great because of their structure, offering a lot of storage space, as well as multiple compartments for organization. The flap top opening is easy to access, and the straps can come in various types to make multiple options for carrying it. Satchel bags are a great choice for every day use for almost anyone, though they can be especially helpful to students, since the multiple compartments can help you keep all your stuff organized.

2 ) Backpacks

The classic, a kind of bag we’ve probably all used at least once when we were in school. But this style became a classic for very good reasons. Backpacks are extremely convenient, since you can just sling it over your shoulders and be on your way. Backpacks usually come with multiple compartments too, so you can organize your stuff. But that’s not all. Obviously for students, backpacks are still a great choice. But if you’re an outdoor lover, a sturdy backpack might be just the thing you need. You can keep your gear secure, as well as carry it easily.

3 ) Briefcases

The quintessential businessman’s bag. The briefcase is more than a mere tool, it’s a statement. Carrying a briefcase around immediately identifies you as a man with a mission, a purpose to his actions. And it’s not just the aesthetic that makes briefcases great. They’re an excellent bag to hold papers in, and many are large enough to hold laptops as well, which you might need at work or while traveling. The easy handle makes carrying them simple, and their solid construction will keep your possessions safe from incidental harm.

4 ) Computer Bags

In the modern world, a lot of people have a laptop computer they use for incidental or professional work. If you’re traveling and still want to get stuff done, a good laptop is almost essential. And you need a reliable bag to keep that laptop safe, as well as make it easier to take with you wherever you go. Computer bags are increasingly more popular, not only because of how convenient they are, but also because of how stylish they can be. Computer bag come in a wide array of colors and styles, so you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes. Best of all, good laptop bags often have extra tabs or compartments, so you can store your paperwork or computer peripherals in them as well.

5 ) Duffle Bags

For those looking for something with an emphasis on practicality over style, the duffle bag is hard to beat. They are usually quite large, extremely sturdy, and because they are generally more loose fitting in design, are perfect for storing things of varying shapes and sizes. Duffle bags are basically the go-to sports bag, as they offer flexibility with function. But they’re also great for any outdoor or recreational activity, from camping, to going to the beach, or heading to the park with the family.

6 ) Rolling Bags

Lastly, this is the bag for when you’re going to be away for a while and need a little extra versatility. A solid rolling bag is basically a small suitcase, with all the same value of strong body and convenient handle, combined with the more compact size that makes it easy to carry around. With the wheels, you can roll it along behind you as you’re making your way, and it can be small enough to be your carry-on item on a flight. For travel, this kind of bag can’t be beat.

Bottom Line

So those are some great bags for you to choose from for men. Whether for business or pleasure, you’re sure to find one that best meets your needs here.


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