Should I Propose Before Or After Dinner | Engagement Rings 101

Should I Propose Before Or After Dinner | Engagement Rings 101

Asking your partner to marry you during a romantic meal still remains one of the best ways of proposing. When planning a proposal at the restaurant, there are a lot of things you have to take care of, such as hiding a ring in a champagne glass, hiring the violinist to create the mood, or getting down on one knee and asking the question. However, there is one more important thing you have to ask yourself; “Should I propose before or after dinner?” Keep on reading this article to find the answer to your question. 

Proposing Before Dinner

Those who prefer proposing before dinner usually want to deal with this situation as soon as possible. The reason many go for the pre-dinner proposal is that they are too anxious and can’t wait for the end of a meal, especially when they need to sit through the three-course or the four-course dinner. This situation is often uncomfortable if nerves influence your appetite. Additionally, people who aren’t able to keep a secret may find it difficult to make conversation while pretending that everything is normal throughout the whole evening. 

If you end up proposing before dinner, and your partner says “yes,” you will enjoy the meal, knowing they are going to become your spouse. Moreover, if your family and friends are also at dinner, it’ll be a much more joyful event all of you will be experiencing together. In case everything goes as you planned, a dinner will become the celebration for the engagement. 

Conversely, if they decline the proposal, you’ll likely skip that dinner and leave a restaurant as fast as you can. This situation may become awkward, particularly if your proposal gets everyone’s attention in a room. Moreover, if you propose with an engagement ring once the food is served all the while nothing goes according to your plan, you can be stuck there till your bill arrives.

If you decide to propose with an engagement ring before dinner, ensure it doesn’t happen the second you enter the restaurant. Once you do that, nobody will bother you till you decide it’s finally the right moment.

Proposing After Dinner

In such situations, waiting usually pays off. People who opt for proposing with an engagement ring after dinner often do it before dessert is served or after waiters clear the table. One of the interesting yet a bit cliché things you can do is to place a ring in a dessert or champagne glass. You can also try getting down on one knee and catching your special someone by surprise. 

In case you propose to them after dinner, chances are high that you’ll be leaving soon. If either your partner or you do not want to attract too much attention, you will be able to leave a restaurant and celebrate an engagement in privacy. However, the pre-dinner proposal also means that everybody will be staring at both of you during the whole evening. You may expect applause, and many people approaching and congratulating you, which can leave less alone time for you two.

As previously mentioned, hiding a ring throughout an entire night will most likely make you anxious. So consider asking yourself if you’d be able to keep your cool during the whole time. Otherwise, you may even become too troubled to eat.

If you want to go for a more intimate proposal, try proposing to them after you leave a restaurant. Another crucially important point to consider is the after-proposal plans. If you’d like to propose after dinner, then plan to make most of your engagement rather than calling it a day and going home afterward. 

In case your partner says “no,” you will be able to leave a restaurant right after. Just ensure you have paid the bill before asking the question. 

Final Thoughts | Which One To Choose?

As you can see, which of these proposal methods you should choose depends on your situation and preferences. So carefully consider how you feel and what you want, then make a decision. Also, if you’ve not purchased the engagement ring yet, look no further than Rare Carat. It will make the whole searching process easier for you by helping you find the perfect engagement ring.


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