Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Laser hair removal treatment is a medical procedure that allows a person to eliminate unwanted hair from their bodies. The laser gets absorbed by the hair’s melanin which damages the hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth for a period of time. However, laser hair removal doesn’t mean you’ll permanently remove the unwanted hair. Instead, you’ll only inhibit growth for a time and might need regular follow-up sessions to maintain the desired hairless condition. 

Anyone with dark hair and fair-colored skin can benefit from laser hair removal treatment because it will improve the area’s appearance. Usual application areas include the armpits, legs, upper lip, bikini line, and chin, but other areas, except those around the eyelids, can still receive the treatment. 

People must work with their aestheticians to ensure they receive the best outcomes possible. It would be best to go to a clinic that uses Diode & Alexandrite laser hair removal for all skin types to ensure they’ll remove their hair but still have maximum skin protection. They can alter the laser beam intensity depending on your skin type and location, thereby customizing the treatment.

Here are other things you need to understand about laser hair removal service treatment.

It sounds painful, but it isn’t 

The procedure may sound painful, but in reality, it only produces a slight sharp pain, especially in the areas with thinner skin, such as the areas around the lip and nose. The laser also has a built-in cooling mechanism that soothes the area immediately, reducing the pain.

Shaving the area is a key prep

If you wish to have the best results for the laser treatment, you must shave the target area within 24 hours of the appointment. You must not pluck or wax the area beforehand because the treatment might not be successful. The skin should also be free from lotion, powder, makeup, or deodorant because it will interfere with the treatment. 

The process is fast, but the results take time

The process itself takes only about 20 minutes per target area. However, if you wish to see the best results, you would have to wait for between 8 to 12 sessions to get it. Patience is key, so you have to have heaps of it. 

Restrictions are aplenty

If you want to achieve great results, you must ensure that you don’t sunbathe or expose your target area to the sun at least four weeks before the first treatment. In addition, after the first session, you would have to avoid going to the gym or the spa for at least 24 hours because you might risk exposure to bacteria and other infections. 

Your skin regimen will also have to change, especially before getting the treatment. You won’t be able to pluck or use scrubs, retinol creams, glycolic acids, and chemical peels if you wish to get great results. 


Laser hair removal procedures help people remove unwanted hair for a long period of time. However, there are several things that a person undergoing the treatment should avoid to ensure that they get the best results. 


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