How To Take Better Selfies

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Taking a selfie is extremely important. Not everyone enjoys staring at themselves in the mirror or taking dozens of shots of their faces, but some people find that taking selfies is therapeutic. Besides that, they’re fun, so easy to do, and a great way to bring people together!

Taking a selfie is as simple as opening a camera app, posing, and pressing the capture button. However, there are instances when you feel your camera is refusing to catch the true you and instead produces a shot that isn’t actually the way you look. As each selfie gets worse with each capture, you may become frustrated and even lose your confidence.

So, how can you improve your selfie game? How can you perfect the art of snapping eye-catching selfies that your friends and followers want to see in their feeds? The steps below might just answer those questions. Before you continue reading, learn here for additional tips on taking good selfies. 

Here’s how to take your selfie to the next level:

1.Know Your Good Angles

Instead of capturing the image straight on, use several angles to highlight your attributes. To do this, determine your ‘best angle’ and photograph yourself from that side. It should be the side of your face that you consider being the most proportional and beautiful.

Another helpful trick to capture a nice angle is to raise your camera a little higher above your head. A downward-facing shot seems to prevent you from taking a selfie with a ‘pig nose,’ makings your eyes appear larger.

2.Fire Up Your Background

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Your background should be intriguing. The right background can make you look great. But what is a good background, anyway?

The options for your selfie’s background are practically infinite. It may be the rear seat of your car, a hotel’s enormous mirror, a blank wall, the parking lot, or even the grocery store. As long as it’s neat, presentable, and not as dirty as a dumpsite, it can make your selfies more attractive.

3.Always Mind The Lighting

Yes, whether indoors or outdoors, lighting is essential. When trying to take a selfie, avoid intense lightings such as direct sunlight or bright lights. At the same time, make sure there’s enough light; otherwise, your images will be hazy, and no amount of photo processing can correct that. A steady light source will always be crucial when capturing any photograph.

4.Show Off

Have you gotten a new hairstyle, piercing, or a manicure and pedicure? Or have you purchased anything new? A great tip for capturing a selfie that interests viewers is to show off something. So, when you take a selfie, ensure the photo is framed in a way that shows off that new update you’re so excited about.

5.Consider What Your Eyes Say To The Camera

Most of the time, when you look at another person’s photo, you’re drawn to their eyes. This is most likely because people search for connectedness in someone’s eyes.

Therefore, if you want to take a compelling selfie, fix your gaze on the camera rather than the phone area in general. This is important because a great selfie can connect to whoever is looking at the photo. Whether you’re going to soften your eyes or enchant the lens with your eyes, try to incorporate some genuine emotion into your expression.

6.Take Advantage Of The Self-Timer

It’s difficult enough to keep your arm still while it’s extended. Plus, when you have to touch a button or tap the screen to activate the shutter, camera shaking is just unavoidable. The results? ‘Blurred selfies.’ 

Fortunately, most camera applications have a self-timer feature. Although this may take away some of the moment’s spontaneity, it’ll minimize the wobbling movements. This is because you can concentrate on trying to be steady without having to touch the shutter button. Aside from that, the extra seconds allow everyone to look at the camera’s lens rather than the screen.

7.Make It Easy To Grasp Your Phone

One of the many reasons selfie sticks have become so popular is because they allow you to grasp your camera or phone at arm’s length without resorting to a painful claw grip. But if you don’t like the bulk of selfie sticks, there are alternative options for simpler hand-holds—products that are made to provide you a better grasp on your device. All you have to do is insert your fingers into its loop so your thumb can move freely. 

With such products, your phone is less likely to slip out of your grasp and crash to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to snap great selfies, all you have to do is practice! Just as the adage goes, ‘practice makes perfect,’ so by putting in the time, you’ll soon be able to easily capture the greatest possible shot from any angle. 

Try living by those steps mentioned above every time you take a selfie, and, voilà, you’ve just captured superstar photos!


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