Flydubai travellers can visit these 9 great locations with special summer fares.


Dubai-based airline Flydubai is allowing you to unveil the 9 most awesome destinations in the world. You can easily enjoy these 9 awesome destinations at special fares in the upcoming summer.

Whether you are looking for enchanting scenic beauty or the captivity of nature, a gateway to an easing beach, or you want to sooth your mind in the hilly region, flydubai offers everything. This summer, enjoy your time with 9 amazing and different from one another destination with special summer fares.

In 2022 flydubai offers you to rush 9 unique destinations, be it a culinary-rich trip or an exciting city vacation. However, flydubai has created a strong connection in Eastern and central Europe over the past few years to some best destinations like Ljubljana, Belgrade Prague, Naples, Budapest and more. This summer, the porter’s network will reach Santorini, Mykonos Tivat , Pisa, Dubrovnik and many more.

This article will help you know these 9 perfect vacation destinations you can enjoy with a special summer fare. Here is the list of the visiting places covered by flydubai this summer.

List of the 9 great destinations that you can visit with special summer fare:

You can unveil these 9 captivating and relishing places with a special summer fare if you are a flydubai traveller. Can you believe this? No? But, its true these below mentioned locations you can visit and enjoy this summer.

  • Catania, Italy:

 Italy is a romantic country, and its town Catania is where many empires over the centuries ruled and made it the most awesome tourist place. From Greeks to Normans to Arabs to Spaniards to Romans, Catania town is a witness of all these great empires. But do you know this beautiful place has a savage enemy behind its backyard? Yes, Mount Etna, Europe’s largest and most active volcano, destroy this beautiful city with numerous earthquakes. 

However, this place offers you some beautiful and enchanting spots and delicious dishes. The economy class return fare starts from AED 2,690, and the business class return fare strat from AED 11,660.

  • Pisa, Italy:

Another beautiful gem of Italy is Pisa – the birthplace of scientist Galileo Galilei. Pisa is one of Italy’s most enthralling towns that offers you many things to visit and do. Moreover, the leaning tower, the best attraction in Italy, is also situated here. Besides that, you can find many famous Renaissance art and architecture, and Pisa is known for its vibrant colleges.

The economy class return fares to Pisa start from AED 2, 505 and the business class return fares start from AED 11,000.

  • Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest is a beautiful picturesque place in Hungary. Its rich culture, underground caves, and iconic Danube River will at once capture your heart. Furthermore, those travellers who look for relaxation by an easing body massage or want to pamper their body with ultimate dexterity will find this place a heaven, as this place is famous as the Spa Capital of the world.

The economy class return fare to Budapest is AED 1,630, and the business class return fares start from AED 1,795.

  • Alexandria, Egypt:

Alexandria is best for you if you are prone to history and want to see everything you have read in your world history book. Egypt was known as the most civilized country in the ancient world. Thus, Alexandria offers you some great ancient artefacts. Its Lighthouse is one of the seven wonders of the world. Other than that, it has the largest library in the ancient world.

However, the economy class return fares to Alexandria start from AED 650, and the business class return fares start from AED 815.

  • Bodrum and Izmir, Turkey:

The Turkish people are famous for their hospitality. So, if you want to taste their hospitality, you must visit Bodrum and Izmir. The Aegean coast and the captivating Mediterranean flavours are the best views of Bodrum and Izmir. 

Additionally, the economy class return fares to Bodrum and Izmir start from AED 1,845, and the business class return fares start from AED 1,945.

  • Tivat, Montenegro:

Tivat is one of Montenegro’s premium coastal towns that is surely able to give you the best beach experience. With plenty of restaurants and a marina, Porto Montenegro will appease your thirst for luxury and leisure.

Further, economy class return fares to Tivat start from AED 2,583, and business class return fares start from 11,425.

  • Batumi, Georgia:

Batumi, famously known as the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea”, is the second-largest city in Georgia. Further, the stunning beauty of the coast of the Black sea and the lush greeneries will give you the best coastal feeling ever. Moreover, Batumi is a great gateway to the coastal region during the summers.

However, the economy class return fares to Batumi start from AED 1,735, while the business class return fares start from AED 7,800.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Dubrovnik is a wonderful island in Croatia and an amazing stepping stone for beach lovers. Its crystal clear water, silky white beach and lush greeneries are the things that will soothe your mind as soon as you step on the island.

So, the economy class return fare to Dubrovnik starts from AED 2,420; the business class return fares start from AED 11,450.

  • Santorini, Greece:

Santorini is the number one summer destination in the world. This is because the volcanic eruption formed Caldera centuries ago, which is the most awesome sea view one can ever experience. But Santorini of Greece is an expensive island to stay on; thus, getting a special fare to reach there is the best deal you can ever have.

Moreover, the economy class return fares to Santorini start from AED 2,835, and the business class return fares start from AED 11,910.

Isn’t it great? The flydubai offers some great locations you can afford and enjoy this summer. In fact, it is the one-stop solution to all your vocational problems. Moreover, they have a variety of packages, including airfare and hotels. Thus, you need to worry about nothing. So, why wait? Go and avail yourself of these offers and enjoy some great destinations.


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