Common DIY HVAC Repair Mistakes You Need To Avoid


When repair and maintenance issues arise, most homeowners try to figure out how to handle them alone. While this is possible in some situations, a homeowner will have to realize their limitations to avoid making the problems they face worse. Trying to repair and maintain a residential HVAC unit is a very complicated job.

This is why working with a company like Global Cooling Air | Air Conditioning Services in Central, FL is so important when confronted with HVAC problems. If you insist on taking matters into your own hands, you may make some of the common DIY HVAC repair mistakes covered below.

Cleaning Condenser Coils With Too Much Water Pressure

Every year, nearly 3 million residential HVAC units are replaced in the United States. The average HVAC system has both an indoor and outdoor portion. The outdoor portion of your unit contains the condenser coil. This coil is responsible for cooling down the air pulled in from outside. The coil and compressor are housed in a metal enclosure that has many fins in it. Over time, these fins will get dirty and will have to be cleaned to ensure heat is properly dispersed.

Failing to clean your condenser can result in heat build-up that can damage your compressor. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when trying to clean this HVAC component on their own is using too much water pressure. Using high water pressure during this cleaning process can result in the metal fins getting bent and damaged. Instead of having to replace this crucial HVAC component due to mistakes during the cleaning process, you need to hire professionals to help you out.

Blocking Return Vents In Your Home

Once the hot air from outdoors is cooled off, it is dispersed into your home via your ductwork. Each room will have its own return vent where the cool air comes out. Some homeowners make the mistake of either closing these returns or blocking them. There are some homeowners that think closing off vents in rooms they don’t use will lower their energy bills.

In reality, making this mistake can throw of the pressure in your ventilation system. When this ventilation imbalance occurs, it will lower your unit’s efficiency. Closing off vents can also lead to duct leaks. This is why you need to leave the vent registers in your home open at all times. If your unit isn’t providing the efficiency, you desire, calling in professionals to figure out why is crucial. In some cases, a new HVAC unit is the best way to address these problems.


Attempting to Fix Refrigerant Leaks

A residential HVAC unit needs a few basic elements to work correctly. The right amount of refrigerant is among the most important elements that have to be present for your unit to produce a steady supply of cool air. As time goes by, the lines that deliver the refrigerant to certain parts of your HVAC system will start to leak. When these leaks occur, the unit’s ability to produce cold air will be compromised.

Checking refrigerant levels will require the use of specialized gauges. The average homeowner does not have access to these gauges. The refrigerant your HVAC unit needs is also hard to get if you don’t have an HVAC contractor license. Instead of trying to handle this common problem on your own, you need to realize the importance of hiring professionals.

If you want to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently, then you need to avoid DIY repairs and maintenance. Allowing professionals to handle this work will help you save money over time. 


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