Planning Your Next Vacation & Travel Package to See Japan

Your Next Vacation

When making plans for your holiday to Japan, you will likely be excited and a bit anxious over the possibilities for your itinerary. This will probably include the varied locations you want to make sure to see, the foods you want to experience, and the many different lodgings to try to narrow down to one ro Your Next Vacation. 

There are so many decisions that can be daunting, and it can mean that you could ultimately make a few mistakes when planning your journey. While you hope to get the itinerary as lined out as possible, the details of the holiday travel are vital because you don’t want to travel to the country at the busiest time of the year.- Your Next Vacation

Those are the sorts of things to research before you scope out your agenda. Let’s look at some common mistakes that visitors tend to make when traveling to lovely Japan.


Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Next Vacation & Travel Package to See Japan

When looking forward to vacations to Japan, travelers anxious to make the trip tend to research the details for their schedule while on holiday in the beautiful country but fail to take the time to pay attention to planning the actual travel aspect. That can mean what time of year is best to see the gorgeous land, when is the busiest time of year there, ensure to coincide their excursion with festivals or traditional activities, or anything to make the trip exciting. 

Check out a few things you can do to try to avoid potential mistakes on your excursion.

  • Research the busiest travel time to Japan-Your Next Vacation

The suggestion is there is no wrong time of the year to visit the country, but there are periods that will be exceptionally busy when people choose to avoid travel there. 

These consist of national holidays. What that means for a person on holiday is the lodgings, attractions, and transportation will be overwhelmed not only by guests worldwide but the locals enjoying the festivities as well. 

There are two times each year when crowds will inundate the area, with some destinations being a challenge to even get to. Plus, you’ll find transportation tickets, and lodging vastly sold out. If these dates are unavoidable for your plans, it is essential to plan well ahead of schedule. 

  1. Golden week : This holiday begins April 29 and runs through May 5 every year. The suggestion is it is likely the busiest time of the year domestically and internationally.
  2. Obon : The festival honors ancestors and is held on varying dates in the middle of August each year. Most Japanese citizens travel to their hometowns at this time, creating domestic travel congestion coming in and going out of the larger cities.
  3. Cherry blossom: This time of the year is increasingly busy since the season is famous for the “world-renowned” view bestowed upon Japan, particularly around the castles and parks where groves of trees can be found. The season varies by location and can change quite a bit from one year to the next.
  4. New Year’s : New Year’s Eve and Day attractions, restaurants, and stores in the country are closed to the public.

It is essential to recognize that between May and June is Japan’s “rainy season.” The summertime, except for Northern Japan, can be exceptionally humid, with the recommendation to bring “moisture wicking” wear to be comfortable. 

Bug repellent is an ideal accessory for mosquitos that are a nuisance in the summer.

  • Become familiar with the rules of etiquette before making your trip-Your Next Vacation

No matter where you travel in this world, there will be “unwritten” social standards, and Japan is no exception. There are specific behaviors that are frowned upon, with some not realizing they are being offensive because these rules are specific to the Japanese people. 

If you research, you’ll find many downloadable etiquette guidelines that you might want to print out and maybe carry with you in your carry-on so that you can remind yourself periodically while roaming the stunning countryside. Go here for details on etiquette rules you must learn before traveling to Japan. Before you get on an airplane and head to Japan, check out Sugoi Mart, a Japanese online store that is shipping all over the world everything that Japan has to offer. From snacks, chocolates, anime licenses to toys and collectibles, their motto is pretty much: You want it? They have it! If they don’t, let them know and they will!

Final Thought-Your Next Vacation

When planning a holiday to Japan, it is vital to decide if you want to go at a busy time of the year, or when you might get to see the lovely cherry blossoms or prefer when it might be a bit calmer and more peaceful. 

In any event, it is wise to make your arrangements well before the time you plan to go to ensure you’re lined out in the places you hope to see, accommodations where you want to stay, and maybe even with a few restaurant reservations. 

A bit of advice, take the road less traveled as a visitor. Everyone goes to the same touristy attractions. Maybe find a local who might speak English and gain insight on the places to go. 

Plus, experience current life as the citizens enjoys it, the stores, diners, and cinema; check out everything the country has to offer from its history to its present.


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