How to correctly position lamps to brighten up your home

position lamps

The right lighting can do wonders for a space. It creates a cosy ambience in the living room, can help you sleep better in the bedroom, and can boost your productivity at your desk. Take inspiration from our tips and flood your home with the right light, in the right place for position lamps .

There is no doubt that the sun can improve our mood and give us energy, but the right artificial lighting can also have a good effect on our bodies. Floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers have an impact on our concentration, our mental state and our sleep. The rules are different for every room.

A living room full of comfort-position lamps 

The living room is primarily a chill out zone – where you can unwind and relax, whether it’s simply watching TV or curling up with a glass of wine and a book on the sofa. Lighting must therefore fulfill multiple functions – both in terms of practicality, and atmosphere. Just an overhead light is definitely not enough, having multiple light sources is ideal, so you can adjust the intensity to your needs. We like putting a large floor lamp next to the sofa, bonus points for a funky statement lampshade! A couple of wall lights also work well, particularly if you lack floor space. Preferably with dimmer switches so you can control the intensity of the light. Put a nice table lamp on any sideboards you have, or any particularly dark corners with shelving. It will create both an attractive design feature, and brighten the area a bit more when you have guests round. Lastly, try not to have any intense lighting that will be reflected in the TV, and stick to warm-toned lighting throughout.

Create the perfect reading environment in the bedroom- position lamps 

Do you like to read before bed? If you prefer ‘real’ books, then a wall lamp above the headboard is the best light source for your eyes. On the other hand, a small table lamp on the bedside table is good for reading from tablets, Kindles, or other reading devices, according to experts. If you can’t get out of bed in the morning, get a lamp for your bedside table that can mimic the sunrise. It gives off a soft yet intense light gradually that is a very pleasant morning wake-up call!

Shine a light on your cooking

In the kitchen, it’s ideal to light up every work surface, including the hob, sink and worktop. If you don’t already have many lights built into your kitchen units, some simple spot lighting will solve this. You can place this underneath the upper cabinets and direct the light stream exactly where you’re lacking.

How to use light to promote productivity 

There’s a simple rule of thumb with a desk lamp, namely that right-handed people should have it on their left and left-handed people should have it on their right. If you often work on the computer, get a lamp with a swivel arm. It is healthier for your eyes if the lamp is turned away from the monitor. On the other hand, for drawing, writing or other paperwork, it’s a good idea to have the light stream directly onto the work surface. Whatever you’re doing, though, get a lamp with a cool-toned bulb to help you concentrate.


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