Asia Leeshawn Ferguson

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson


Life is filled with uncertainties, and sometimes the accidents that happen to a person are unforgettable. Asia Leeshawn Ferguson name will surely make you understand how life takes a turn. In a moment when you are unaware, you are caught up with the angel of the death. These uncertainties of life will surely open your eyes to the reality of life and help you reprioritize your goals.

A person’s life must be tied to a goal to live with a certain set of principles, rules, and regulations. Otherwise, if you are spending your time in leisure activities, then at the end of the day, the only one suffering from a loss will be you, and that will not be a very good thought. You will have nothing to claim with your name. In this article, you will get to know every little detail regarding Asia Leeshawn Ferguson.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson And The Tragic Incident

Sometimes life makes us witness some phenomena that are not very pleasant, but whatever the reason, life keeps on continuing. Similarly, if we talk about the matter on hand, we will know that the name Asia Leeshawn Ferguson is associated with a tragic incident.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson And The Tragic Incident

The accident details

The Georgia Amusement Park is equipped with different amusement rides, and people from all over the world visit these public places to take off their burdens and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. The rides in this amusement are unique and innovative. But all of a sudden, an event took place that shook the whole world. The tragic event took place when a teenager from South Carolina hopped the two fences to enter the restricted area of a roller coaster and was decapitated by it.

The details from authorities

The incident was so shocking that the people were unable even to believe it at the moment. If we talk about the professional statement shared by the authorities, then the Police told the general public that the 17-year-old teenager died from the impact of the Batman Roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday.

The closure of the park

Such events are very unexpected, and the effect they have on a person’s emotional state is extremely high. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a person understands how to avoid such events. The park was closed to show solidarity with the dead teenager’s family.

The Details Of The Incident And Similar Related Facts

Coping up with tragic events is something that a person cannot do with ease. This is why it is of the utmost importance that everyone plays a vital role in decreasing the sorrow and grief of the family of the gone one.

The Details Of The Incident And Similar Related Facts

The autopsy and investigation

The details help us understand that the Cobb County Police Sgt, Dana Pierce, shared with the general public that the authorities will conduct an autopsy on Monday, two days after the child’s death. Also, an official investigation is conducted just to understand the intent of the teenager who entered the restricted area and the reason for him being there.

The mourning family 

Such a tragic event had a huge impact on the friends and the family, and this is why they mourned his death on the following day, which was Sunday. If we quote the deceased’s aunt, then her words were truly heart-piercing: “All I could do was cry, cause he’s more than just my nephew, he’s more like my little brother.”

The quest for reason and divine justice

There are several questions in the mind of the family, and they are all wondering why the child was even there in the first place, and since he was old enough to understand such details. His cousins believed that there might be a reason for him in hopping over the fence. But since there is nothing known till now. Therefore, they have placed their faith in divine justice and are now patiently waiting for the call.

Why was Asia Leeshawn Ferguson there in the first place

The event details tell us that a 40 members group of Oakey Springs Missionary Baptist Church decided to visit the park. This group also included the deceased and his parents. The authorities have told that the deceased was not alone at all. He was with a friend too, and they both hopped the fence. But it was his bad luck that he got too near to the roller coaster and got decapitated.

The witness statements

The event took place in broad daylight at 2 pm in the afternoon. Although the reason for his jumping is still under discussion. Some witnesses were saying that Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was trying to retrieve his hat. The park representative told the media outlets that the area in which the deceased entered was marked as a restricted area with several “Do Not enter” and “danger zone” signs.

The memorial

The park shared the details that none of the visitors were injured in this tragic incident. The Oakey Springs Missionary Baptist Church has decided to pay tribute to the deceased. The want to ensure that the memories of the deceased live forever in the hearts of the general public.

The comedian

Later on, it was disclosed that Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was a perfect comedian. He liked to crack jokes about the people around him. According to the statement of Jenkins, “Nobody knew that basically the jokes he would tell, or the jokes he’d crack on you and you didn’t know and you realized it later.”

The deceased was always in love with the church, and this is why he was there in the first place. Therefore, the parents will be placing their faith in the church to pass through these tough days of their life.

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Asia Leeshawn Ferguson tragic incident will help us understand the fact that life is too short. Also, a person should not take any unnecessary risk whose results might be devastating to ensure that the person in question leads a peaceful and happy life.


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