How to Wear Colorful Socks

Wear Colorful Socks

Color can make or break your wardrobe. If you order customized crew socks, you must choose the right color. In fact, you not only need to pick the right color, but you need to know how to wear your colorful socks properly.

Today, we’re going to explain how to wear colorful crew socks to:

  •         Special events
  •         Work
  •         Weddings
  •         Anywhere you want

The right colorful socks for men or women are ones that you can wear for almost any occasion. We’re going to discuss when and where to wear these socks in the coming section of this article.

Learn When to Wear Colorful Socks

Special Events

Certain special events are the ideal time to wear colorful socks for women or men, but you must make your choice tactfully. There are right and wrong events where you can wear colorful socks.

However, you must ensure that the color matches the occasion, for example:

  •         Don’t wear colorful socks to a funeral
  •         Weddings are a good option for colorful socks – to an extent

You’ll know which events are suitable for colorful socks depending on how serious the event is and if being formal is a top priority.


Your workplace likely has a dress code that you must follow. However, if there isn’t a dress code, then you can wear the socks that you prefer. You can and should try to look professional while allowing the socks to add personality to your outfit.

If you wear a suit and tie, colorful socks are definitely going to “make” the look.

Times to Make a Statement

Sometimes, you want to make a statement at an event. Of course, you’ll need to pick and choose these events carefully, but if you want to make a statement, the right color socks will help. These socks are great for fundraisers or charity events.

Times When You Should Avoid Colorful Socks

Colorful socks must be chosen properly, and while you can make them work for many events, there are a few occasions that you’ll want to avoid wearing these types of socks and go with more traditional colors.

The few times to avoid wearing colorful socks are:

  1. Funerals. The one time to avoid these socks are funerals unless there is a theme going on. For example, some people love a certain sports team, and they’ll wear the team colors at the person’s funeral as a sort of remembrance of the individual. However, make sure to bring this up with the person’s family so that you won’t offend or upset someone.
  2. Black and white events. If you’re going to a black and white event, you ought to avoid wearing colors. These events are often very strict and will only allow you to wear black and white. Unfortunately, for these events, you’ll want to save the color for another day.

Again, there are just so many events to choose from that you’ll need to make your own call on which to avoid wearing colors. If the event is extra formal, you may want to stick to basic colors that will not make you stand out.

Tips for Making Colorful Socks Work for Your Wardrobe

Colorful socks are difficult to wear if they’re tacky. However, you can make the socks match most outfits by doing the following:

  1. Socks can clash with an outfit. But if you want to make them work, use the color in your outfit to make it work. Let’s assume that you’re wearing a black suit and a pink dress shirt. You can wear pink socks because they fit with the pink shirt and won’t impact the professional look that you’re trying to create.
  2. Shades work well for socks, too. You can choose a colorful sock in a different shade than your suit jacket or something similar. You just want the shade to look good and not clash too much with your outfit.
  3. Bold colors will make a statement, and while you need to use bold colors sparingly, they may work with your outfit. You’ll need to judge the use of bold colors on a case-by-case basis and based on your own style.

Colorful socks are fun and exciting. Using the tips and recommendations above, you can make these socks work for any occasion.


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