Understanding ways to help your addicted loved one with drug rehab Philadelphia

Understanding ways to help your addicted loved one with drug rehab Philadelphia

Addiction is a serious disease that not only affects the individual who is addicted; it affects the family and friends of the person. If a person is addicted to a substance, his priority will be that substance. They will spend their money on the substance and will spend their entire time thinking of ways to acquire it. Neither will they show interest in hobbies and activities that they loved and enjoyed earlier nor will they show commitment to their family and friends. These changes in the behavior and character of the addicted person can negatively affect the addicted individual’s family and other people who love them.

If your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, then here are some of the ways to help them and in turn, help yourself. 

If you truly want to help your loved one, you need to first educate yourself. Learn what addiction is and its various causes. Educate yourself about the symptoms and the reasons for them to become addicted. Also, look into various treatment options and learn about the recovery process. 

Try to understand the person better and the reason why they started using the drug. Do they have any problems or is something troubling them? Understanding the triggering factor, their family background, and social life can help you understand the addicted person and figure out the right treatment program.

  • Offer help, but do not enable them

When a loved someone is struggling, it is human instinct to protect them. But at times, what we do to protect them may put them in danger. Understanding the difference between supporting an addicted person and enabling them is crucial. We may think that we’re protecting them, but we may be enabling them to continue their addiction.

For instance, if you have a loved someone who is an alcoholic, you may think that offering to drive is best to keep them and others safe. But, when you constantly help them out, they will think that you will always rescue them. Thus, instead of helping them, you are enabling them and promoting their activities.

  • Get help

When a person is addicted, they may develop new behaviors. At times, that person can become unrecognizable, become withdrawn, and will not show commitment. If your loved one is addicted, then it can put you in a difficult situation. Therefore, you need to seek professional help before it gets late. 

It is crucial to take help or take your loved one to rehab like Daybreak serving Philadelphia which takes a holistic approach to their recovery process. They will monitor the individual, learn about their family and social background, and give them personalized therapy, counseling, and other treatments according to their individual needs. They will help your loved one heal physically and mentally and regain their old self.

  • Do not put pressure on them 

Many people use alcohol or other illicit drugs to cope with their stress and anxiety. Therefore putting pressure on them will only make the situation worst. It is natural for you to become emotional. But to help your loved one, you should keep a calm tone and demeanor.

Don’t make unrealistic expectations and do not expect them to keep their promise. Do not preach or give them advice. Also, blaming them is not the best solution. Do not talk to them in such a way that they will feel hurt or scared. This will only aggravate the situation.

If your loved one is addicted, do not feel lonely. You are not lonely in this battle; many people are fighting the issue of addiction every day. Remember that there are many resources and institutes to help your loved one out of the situation.


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