What are the Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy?

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Intravenous infusion therapy delivers medication or fluids directly to your bloodstream through a needle or catheter. Specialists recommend IV infusion therapy Danbury when you need to take drugs that need to be dispensed at a controlled pace or that you cannot take orally. However, you don’t have to be sick to receive an IV infusion. Many health-conscious people get their minerals and vitamins through IV hydration therapy. IV hydration allows your body to absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals, or other compounds in the solution since it bypasses its digestive process. Here are other benefits of IV infusion therapy.

Treat certain nutrient deficiencies

Patients with health conditions such as colon cancer, celiac disease, cystic fibroids, and short bowel syndrome usually need IV therapy since they are at risk of nutrient deficiencies. Usually, people with these conditions can’t obtain essential nutrients from foods and supplements. For this reason, IV infusion therapy benefits them since it bypasses digestion, providing nutrients to the cells instantly. Specialists also recommend this form of treatment for patients who are too sick to eat.

Cure hangover symptoms

After a night out with your friends, you may experience headaches and nausea the following morning. While over-the-counter pain killers may help alleviate these symptoms, they may take a while to offer relief. Fortunately, IV hydration replenishes the water you lost due to alcohol consumption. IV infusions to cure hangovers usually contain electrolytes in the form of sodium chloride to help alleviate dehydration symptoms such as thirst, dizziness, and fatigue. Most people with hangover symptoms experience relief an hour after getting IV infusion therapy.

Boosts your energy levels

IV therapy is your to-go-to option if you need a natural energy boost. While drinks like soda, coffee, and other caffeinated products can increase your energy levels, they flood your body with unnecessary sugar. IV infusions may contain amino acids which operate on a cellular level. They help your mitochondria convert fatty acids into energy to help you get through your day’s activities. Other amino acids such as arginine and tri amino help build muscle protein. The effects are also faster since IV infusions are administered directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the body’s absorption process.

Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation

Sometimes specialists add electrolytes in the form of magnesium sulfate, which helps lower blood pressure and keeps you relaxed. The calming effect of this compound can help people with anxiety disorders. Besides keeping you calm, magnesium sulfate supports immune function, relaxes your muscles, promotes good sleep, and prevents headaches. IV infusions may also contain vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that helps your overall well-being.

The benefits of IV infusion therapy vary from providing essential nutrients to curing bothersome dehydration symptoms to improving quality of life. The above merely scratches the surface of what IV infusion therapy can do for your body. Know more about IV therapy at skyMD.

Specialists are still discovering other health and wellness benefits associated with IV infusion therapy. If you are interested in exploring other benefits of IV infusion therapy, consult your specialist at PRIME Med Spa.


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