Ways to Upcycle Your Furniture


One of the cheapest yet effective ways of reviving and giving tired-looking furniture pieces a much-needed glow up is upcycling. Upcycling is basically a form of recycling where an object is repurposed into a higher quality item than its original form. Upcycling furniture is not only cost-effective; it is an eco-friendly method of converting old/worn-out furniture into stylish and functional pieces. There are several ways you can upcycle your old furniture, and some of those ways include- Upcycle Your Furniture;

Turning old drawers to side tables-Upcycle Your Furniture

An old chest of drawers can be upcycled into side tables for your bedroom or an end table for your living room. All it requires is to turn the handle side up and then proceed to add small wooden legs and a shelf to the bottom and middle of the drawer, respectively.

Repurposing packaging crates-Upcycle Your Furniture

With something as simple as a colour change, wooden or packaging crates can be repurposed to be so much more. You can wall-mount newly painted packaging crates to serve as bookshelves or wall displays. However, ensure to secure them safely and don’t overload them. Another way you can upcycle wooden crates is to stack them on top of each other to create an alternative side table where you can store things like books or sleeping apparatus.

Giving your bedside tables a makeover

Transform the bland look of your old bedside tables with new handles or a new coat of paint. If you still prefer the current colour, you can rejuvenate its look with French polishing, which gives its surface a glossy and deep coloured look. Schryver Restorations offers furniture restoration London including French polishing services for all kinds of wooden surfaces, both new and old.

Getting creative with furniture offcuts

The offcuts of wood from other completed projects can be used to create bespoke furniture for awkward spaces like alcoves or to create unique furniture pieces like; coffee tables, key-boxes, clamping blocks, bookcases, shelving and storage.

Turning an old sideboard into a television stand

An old dining room sideboard can be upcycled into a unique entertainment centre. Just remove some of the drawers and doors to create open storage while leaving some of them in place to store items. If you do not like the paint colour, you can have the paint stripped off and repainted to a colour that matches the colour scheme of your sitting room. Add new handles and drill holes in the back for the cords of your electronics.

Turning an old crib into a shelf

Instead of allowing an old crib to take up space, you can repurpose it to serve as a bookshelf or storage for old toys. Start by removing one of the side railings of the crib, then fasten it to its centre to create a divider. You can make a counter for your new shelving unit by using a recycled tabletop.


Upcycling furniture is an excellent and fun way to add a personal touch to your home while maintaining functionality. It also comes with the advantage of being able to add a unique, one-of-a-kind furniture piece to your home’s décor without having to make a huge dent in your pocket. 


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