Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your House Exterior

Time To Repaint

Long-time homeowners will tell you it takes effort to make the home last and avoid major repairs. Routine tasks must be done to keep up the upkeep, such as cleaning the gutters, fixing holes in the roof, etc. However, one of the big ones that many homeowners let slip by is getting the exterior of the house repainted. A place with a poor exterior paint job is an ugly thing and can also lead to long-term damage to the foundation of the home. If any of the reasons below match your home, click here to find exterior house painters near me as it might be a Time To Repaint.

Noticeable Damage

The most obvious reason people search ‘exterior house painters near me’ is when there is obvious damage to their home. Common signs to look for are cracking and peeling paint chips. Also, paint can start to form air bubbles after a while. If you notice any of these, it’s time for a paint job.

Paint is Fading

Specific colors of paint can fade before they begin to wear down, especially on the side of the house with the most direct sunlight. Fading paint can make your house look old. Consider an exterior paint job if you want to spruce up your home.

You are Putting Your House In the Market

When it comes time to sell your home, you can expect to put in a lot of maintenance work to bump the asking price as much as possible. This includes fixing damaged roofs, fundamental electrical problems, plumbing issues, and getting a new coat of paint on the exterior and interior. Choosing the right color can often increase the selling price, so consult a realtor before selecting a color.

You Just Bought the Home

As we have established, many people put on a fresh new coat of paint on their home when they put it on the market. Unfortunately, many contractors only do a superficial paint job when trying to sell a house quickly. Meaning the paint will wear and fade faster than usual. If you want to avoid damage, you may have to repaint the exterior of a new home within a few years of purchasing the home.

Caulk is Loosened and Cracked

Professional painters will almost always recaulk a home as they are painting it. If you notice the caulk around your windows and doors beginning to peel or loosen, we recommend contacting a professional pointer to see if they can re-caulk your home exterior.

It’s Been Too Long

The last and final reason it’s time to repaint your home exterior is that enough time has passed. The exact time depends on the quality of the paint and the material it was painted on. Wood houses typically need to be repainted every three to seven years. While stucco and aluminum can last around five years before a new paint job is required.

Don’t Hesitate To Call an Exterior Paint Professional

A bad paint job can lead to long-term damage to your home. If any of these factors apply to you, please don’t hesitate to call a professional as soon as possible.



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