Does Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Have Any Side Effects?


There is not enough evidence that substantiates any harmful effects resulting from using Ultrasonic pest repellers. It’s worthy of note that “Ever Pest” ultrasonic pest repellers are manufactured with customers’ safety measures.

“Ever Pest” Ultrasonic Scarecrows And Human Health

“Ever Pest” ultrasonic scarecrows meet the standards for the maximum sound pressure level in the range of ultrasound and sub ultrasound (high-frequency noise range). In addition to our measurements, we also have the results of independent measurements from the testing laboratory. The design, components used, production, and quality control of “Ever Pest” ultrasonic scarers ensure the absolute safety of these products within the recommended use. In the area of safety of our products, we also include the ecological dimension of their safety. Our products do not contain any hazardous substances and are very easy to recycle.

Our internal rules go beyond applicable laws and take into account current medical scientific work and the recommendations of the International Health Organization in connection with the use of the ultrasound signal. This ensures not only the safety but also the comfort of users of repellents so that they are not bothered by even the low intensity of high-frequency noise allowed by legal standards and so that they can use our completely noiseless scarers in living spaces without any worries.

“Ever Pest” Ultrasonic Scarecrows And Pet And Livestock Health

“Ever Pest” ultrasonic scarecrows do not have a negative effect on domestic or farm animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, poultry, exotic birds, etc.

Safety Of Sound-vibrating Scarers (Repellers) Of Pests

Sound-vibrating scarecrows generate sound and weak vibrations, which they transmit to the soil (earth). These scarecrows are completely safe for humans and domestic and farm animals from the principle of their activity and from the point of view of safety there is nothing to solve.

The Effectiveness Of Ultrasonic Pest Scares

In the description of ultrasonic scarers (repellers), we state the effective area in the indoor environment in square meters, because multiple reflections of the ultrasonic signal from solid surfaces are used here.

The signal, therefore, fills practically the entire protected area. For outdoor use without reflective surfaces, we refer to the effective area as the effective signal range in meters together with the angle of the scarecrow, ie as a circular segment. If there are reflective surfaces even in the outdoor environment, the effective area then increases, of course.

Effectiveness Of Sound-vibrating Pest Scares

The range of effectiveness is given as the area in square meters and at the same time as the diameter of the circle in which the scarecrow has effectiveness against ground pests. The efficiency of these devices is in a circle around the device planted in the ground. If we state an effective area of eg 1,000 m² and at the same time the effect in a circle with a diameter of up to 36 meters, it means efficiency at a distance of up to 18 meters from the device in all directions, which means a circle with a diameter of 36 meters and a circle with this diameter. 000 m².

Frequently Asked Questions

Do “Ever Pest” ultrasonic scarers harm humans?

It does not harm, the lower limit of their frequency is beyond human audibility and at the same time, we guarantee the use of such a maximum value of the sound pressure of the devices that there can be no negative effect on humans. The design, components used, production, and quality control of “Ever Pest” ultrasonic scarers ensure the absolute safety of these products within the recommended use.

Do “Ever Pest” Ultrasonic Scarers Harm Domestic Or Farm Animals?

No harm, the lower limit of their frequency is set above 24 kHz. Animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, etc. are able to hear signals of higher frequencies, but above the limit of 24 kHz (in connection with the used maximum sound pressure level) ultrasound signals are no longer annoying for them.

Do “Ever Pest” Marten And Mouse Scarecrows Not Have A Negative Effect On Exotic Birds?

A relatively common question is also whether scarecrows (repellents) for mice and martens do not have a negative effect on exotic birds (parrots, budgies, etc.). These devices are commonly used in exotic breeding, where there are often problems, especially with rodents, without any negative impact on birds.

Does The “Ever Pest”-dual Sound-vibrating Scarecrow Have No Effect On Fish And Other Aquatic Animals?

Based on many years of experience with the placement of these repellents in garden ponds, ponds, etc., we can guarantee zero negative impact on fish and other aquatic animals.

Don’t “Ever Pest” scarecrows have a negative effect on other electronic devices? Doesn’t it interfere with TVs, computers, pacemakers, for example?

All our products have been issued a declaration of conformity based on EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) certificates. Our devices can therefore also be used in areas with, for example, very sensitive electronic devices, etc.

You Write That The “Ever Pest”-dual Sound-vibration Scarecrow Produces An Audible Sound. Does This Device Not Interfere With Excessive Noise In The Garden?

The “Ever Pest”-Dual scarecrow is mostly placed in the ground (soil) and only a small (residual) part of the sound gets above the ground, so you can also install the device in the part of the garden that you normally use for rest.

Is It Possible To Use More Ultrasonic Scarers In One Space, Or To Place More Sound-vibrating Scarers On The Ground?

Yes, it is possible. The efficiency of using more repellents (whether they are ultrasonic scarers or sound-vibrating scarers) increases significantly when using more devices, ultrasonic bug repeller is not exempted. You can use more than one in a place.

Is It Possible To Use One Ultrasonic Scarecrow To Protect More Rooms?

Yes, it is possible, but it is necessary that the individual rooms are connected, for example, by a door. At least before leaving the protected area, it is then advisable to open the connecting door between the individual rooms so that the signal can spread as best as possible throughout the protected area. Martens and mice should be located in the central hallway or in the largest of the rooms.

Will The Ultrasound Signal Pass Through The Walls?

The ultrasonic signal bounces off the wall and returns to the room with a slightly lower intensity. There can be several dozen such reflections, and in this way, ultrasound “fills” the protected area very well, which is a great advantage of using an ultrasonic signal to protect the interior of buildings. However, if you want to protect more independent rooms separated by walls and not connected by doors, for example, you must use more repellents.

Is It Possible To Power “Ever Pest” Scarecrows From The Battery As Well?

A power supply is possible from a 12 V battery (e.g. 12 V car battery) and for this purpose, we also offer a special power cable with crocodile clips for connection to the battery and a built-in replaceable fuse. The battery with a capacity of 30 Ah will keep the scarecrow running for min. 30 days.

Is It Possible To Power “Ever Pest” Scarecrows From A Photovoltaic Panel?

Yes, it is possible. We recommend a photovoltaic panel with an output of 20Wp (or more) in combination with a battery with a capacity of 8 Ah (or more) for a year-round continuous power supply of one scarecrow. It is, of course, necessary to include a small solar controller in the circuit.

Are Pest Scarers Always 100% Effective?

Even though the devices from our offer are powerful and reliable, we cannot guarantee 100% efficiency at all times and in all conditions. However, due to the reliability of our products, we can afford to guarantee customers a refund for the purchased device for 90 days from its purchase.


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