5 Innovation and Future Trends in the Cosmetics Industry


The world is evolving, and the cosmetic industry isn’t left out. Many beauty brands are adopting the use of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), DNA Analysis, and an auto-renewal system that helps customers to use their natural deodorant subscription easily, leaving them smelling fresh all year long. These brands use these forms of technology to help maintain their customer’s trust and engage them amidst the strong market competition in the industry.

Their quest for innovative and futuristic thinking was prompted by the reshaped demands of customers, influenced by technological advancements. Customers now want products and routines that are personal to their skin and body needs, not generic.

Here are five innovations and future trends that the cosmetic industry needs to thrive in the global market.

1. Protection First, Aesthetics Second

The mindset and lifestyle choices of many customers have taken a shift. People no longer prioritize the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic products over the protection it has to offer. Since the pandemic, they are more concerned about how they look, bare-skinned, as they spend more time at home. 

Customers now look for products that are ‘science-backed’ to protect them from breakouts, redness, pollution, and blue light-induced stress. Cosmetic brands 2will be focusing on marketing clean products, as customers are now paying more attention to its ingredients and packaging.  As time goes by, people will be purchasing more skincare and hygienic products than beauty products.

2. Personalization and AI

Over the years, customers have had complaints about not finding the right shade of lipstick or foundation for their skin tone. This has especially been the case for women with darker skin. Thanks to Personalization and AI technology, cosmetic brands can and will be producing custom-made foundations that match your skin.

How does this work? Well, consultants will use a handheld colorimeter to scan your face and run the results through the computer. With approved access from the brand, the computer chooses from thousands of foundation shades, and the outcome is sent to a machine that mixes the results and provides the best options for you.

3. New Ingredients for Shampoo

Several innovations have matured and improved the ingredients used in shampoos. Ingredients such as fatty-acid are causing rapid growth in the shampoo-related industry. It adds shine, promotes hair growth, and works as a scalp treatment, which is everything customers look for when purchasing shampoo.

4. Minimalism and Activism

Good news! The number of bottles on our bathroom shelves is going to reduce drastically. As customers begin to realize that they don’t need as many products as they purchase, the cosmetic industry is working towards cutting down a couple of products and reinventing all-in-one products with all the necessary ingredients in one bottle. 

This move is also a smart approach to sustainable and eco-friendly operation. Lesser products mean lesser packaging and reduced pollution.

5. Virtual Try-On Apps

Customer online shopping experience will continue to improve with the help of Augmented Reality (AR). Brands will be using image recognition and face tracking technology to provide digital overlays that customers can use to try out a lipstick or eyeshadow shade. Customers will be able to test if these products are a good fit before making any purchases.


There is a lot of improvement going on in the cosmetic industry. Brands are gradually working at the pace required to meet the new demands of their customers, which is strongly influenced by the shift in lifestyle brought by the pandemic. With the help of innovative technology and proactive thinking, the cosmetic industry will be able to streamline customer experience in the coming years.


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