What is green dragon strain, and how to use it?

green dragon strain

What if you can enjoy the benefits of two Kratom strains in one? Now, you can do that with the green dragon strain. Green Thai, red Bali and most other popular Kratom names come from their place of origin. But Green dragon is an exception to the case. Like the big, regal, and elegant mythical creature Dragon, the strain is famous for having robust effects. 

It is a fusion blend of two different Kratom strains. A few years ago, an inconspicuous kratom vendor put it together for the first time. It became so popular that other vendors followed the same suit shortly after. 

The recipe for the blend varies a lot according to the vendors. So, getting accurate information about the herb is a difficult task. We have put together the available information about the drug in the article. 

What is the Green dragon strain kratom?

Maya Distribution LLC is the manufacturer that prepared the green Dragon strain for the first time. Primarily, it is a mix of a few green-veined Kratom strains. That remains a genuine factor regardless of the vendor you are buying.

Green Dragon belongs to the dragon family of Kratom, and as it is a fusion, its properties are more robust than other green strains. Different green-veined Kratoms grow in diverse places. They also have distinctive properties and alkaloid profiles. The effects might change due to the Kratom strains your vendor uses to prepare it.

What are the effects you can expect after taking Green Dragon?

The properties can differ from one Green Dragon blend to another. In the fusion blend, the alkaloids also get mixed. So, you can expect powerful effects after using it. Let us check some of the therapeutic benefits the herb offers.

#1 energy-boosting properties:

Alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine present in the herb have potent energy-boosting properties. So, if you feel tired and need a kick to finish your chores, you can try the drug.

It is famous in the wellness world as a natural supplement for boosting energy. Its outcomes are sustainable and slowly fade into relaxation when it wears off. The effects also last longer than other products. It does not make you feel overwhelmed.

So, if you want to finish your to-do list quickly and rest, it might be a good choice. The drug can also help with chronic fatigue.

#2 Enhances mood:

Opiate receptors have direct control over mood. The Green Dragon strain is an efficient mood booster. The alkaloids of the drug work through the opiate receptors to connect to the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The drug can also influence dopamine and serotonin inhibitors and elevate their amount in the blood. These hormones block negative thoughts, soothe your mind and improve your overall mood. Regular use of the Kratom strain might help with mood swings. It numbs those unpleasant emotions and feelings for the time being. With higher dosage, you might feel a rush of euphoria.

#3 Anxiety relief:

Green Dragon works well for relieving anxiety and stress. It is an organic solution to reduce stress after a busy day. It will relax your body, improve your mood, and decrease the risk of stress build-up.

Anxiety is the way your brain indicates excessive stress. The drug helps control the symptoms of anxiety and other stress-related disorders. Scientists believe it can help with various kinds of anxiety, for example, social anxiety, paranoia, panic disorder, general anxiety, etc.

It is more potent than most green strains. But if you have chronic and crippling anxiety, use the red-veined Kratom instead. Green Strains are effective for anxiety in the workplace or at a party as it has less sedating effects.

#4 helps with insomnia:

Sleep disorders, especially insomnia, are getting more common each day. If you suffer from issues falling asleep or staying asleep through the night, you can try the drug. It has stimulating and mildly sedating properties that help you sleep. It also calms your mind and deletes negative thoughts from your mind. So, you can peacefully enjoy a night of quality sleep.

#5 Analgesic effects:

Green Dragon has strong analgesic properties that help ease any physical pains you might have. You can use it for the aches of injury, cuts, or other nociceptive pains. But it is efficient to alleviate migraine and other neuropathic pains.

How can you use the Green Dragon strain?

The Green Dragon is available as powder and capsules. You can opt for either one according to your preferences. Capsules are pretty easy and convenient to use. But you can take powders in many versatile ways. You can use the toss n wash process, mix it with any juice or milkshake, Mix it with food items, make chocolate or cookies, etc.

Now you have all information about the Green Dragon Kratom from this guide to kratom strains. You can order online to get the products delivered to your doorstep. Do not forget to always buy from a reputed and trusted vendor


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