What Does Aesthetic Medicine Involve?


Your appearance is a crucial part of who you are; it matters. It is then natural to want to look good or better. A good appearance makes you attractive, boosts your confidence, and enhances your self-esteem. It is only fair then, that people sought cosmetic treatments if it makes them feel better or improves their living. The good thing is that experts in aesthetic medicine in Elmhurst, NY, are here to help you achieve your body appearance goals through state-of-the-art aesthetic techniques. This article will help you understand more about aesthetic treatments.

What are aesthetic treatments?

They are minimally invasive techniques to restore, improve and enhance your appearance. Usually, the treatments focus on eliminating your flaws while enhancing your natural beauty.

Aesthetic medicine aims on making a difference in your appearance using noninvasive techniques rather than cosmetic surgery.

What are the available aesthetic treatment options?

Skin tightening

When growing older, there is a decrease in collagen production in your skin. Collagen is responsible for your skin tightening. Its low levels make your skin loose and saggy.

Skin tightening treatments smoothen and lift your skin, to give you a youthful and rejuvenated look. They treat various signs of aging, including wrinkles and facial lines, jowls, and necklines. Besides, you can use skin tightening for hand rejuvenation.

The team of aesthetic medicine experts at Leva Medical offers different options for skin tightening techniques, including

  •         Muscle toning laser
  •         Laser hand rejuvenation
  •         J-plasma laser
  •         Muscle toning laser
  •         Botox

Muscle toning

You can achieve muscle toning by working out. However, you can still get the results without working out through a muscle toning laser. It works by activating your muscle contractions to enhance a stronger outcome.

The method applies magnetic or electrical signals to activate muscle toning. You can use the treatment to build muscles on your arms, thigh, abdomen, gluteal area, and more. In addition to defining your muscles, the technique also may enhance body lifting.

Vaginal revitalization

Aging affects our body differently, including the genitals. When combined with other factors such as childbirth or pregnancy, the effect on your vagina is not likable, including dryness, reduced sensation, and tissue looseness.

The changes in your vagina may cause a significant effect on your sexual life. Vaginal revitalization helps restore your vagina health, improves your sexual life, and promotes your confidence.

Leva Medical provides vaginal revitalization through the following treatment options.

  •         Natural hormone replacement
  •         Nano fat injections
  •         CO2 laser vaginal skin tightening
  •         Platelet-rich plasma injections

Brazilian butt lift

It increases or enhances the size and shape of your butt. The team at Leva Medical uses nano fat transfer injections to give your butt a natural look.

The treatment involves your provider removing fat from various body areas. He then separates it using a centrifuge. He then takes the isolated fat and injects it together with regenerative stem cells into your buttocks.

Aesthetic medicine involves various techniques to enhance and promote your body’s appearance. It also focuses on improving your confidence. It’s essential to consult with your doctor to determine the perfect treatments for you. Contact Leva Medical today to learn the different available options for aesthetic medicine.


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