19 tips for choosing a logo design

choosing a logo design

No one can doubt the fact that picking your logo for your brand or company is an incredibly important step, due to the reason that the perception of your whole rand depends on it. We don`t have to tell you that companies from all over the globe spend millions to make their logo memorable and recognizable. It goes for Apple, Tesla, Nike, Microsoft, etc, and all of us know their amazing logos very well. Why is it happening? Mainly because their logos are so unique and remarkable indeed. Choosing a logo design-

A person needs to realize that logo is a symbol, graphic, or image that usually symbolizes a certain brand or a company, that is very easily recognizable and usually depicts the service that the company offers or products that it sells. 

Moreover, having a logo for your business’s success can be crucial in several ways. For instance, a logo can help your company gets noticed by your existing and prospective customers. It can serve as the visual representation of your brand’s identity and proof to show your customers that you’re a professional and that your products and services are worth their money. Lastly, having a logo can distinguish you from the competition.  

That said, a logo design is crucial in providing your business with a place in the market. However, it’s essential to know that every successful business owner knows well that the money that he invests in his brand logo will not be wasted, but only if this logo is created mindfully and is suitable for a company. If you haven`t studied typography in university but still have this massive desire to create your logo then you have come to the right place.

Tips for choosing a logo design for your company

We are going to share with you the list of the most effective and useful tips for creating the best logo or choosing a logo design for your brand or company:

– First of all, you need to answer the following questions, What`s your brand about? What kind of services will you offer to the customers? How can you attract more buyers? Who will be your targeted audience, and customers? When you have the answers to all of these questions then it will be easier for you to start a scratch for your logo. Also, find time to research your competitors. This will provide you with inspiration or ideas on how other company logos look like. But if you want to get the most out of your research, examine all available logos related to the industry your business belongs to. By doing so, you may discover some ideas that inspire you to create a unique and attractive logo design for your business.  

– Don`t be too specific with your logo, leave some room for people to be creative with their minds. We all love this little secret-like atmosphere.

– Make sure that your logo looks good enough in an online and offline format. Some logos may appear to be good in an online format but when you put them on paper it is simply just a disaster. Make sure that you think everything through.

– Don`t overthink it, simplicity is the best key to making your logo memorable and recognizable all over the world. Don`t you think that Apple is one of the best examples of simplicity? We don`t need to tell you how huge it is, so the plainer – the better!

– Helvetica is the best answer for you, even if it is a little pricy. o wonder why so many popular magazines choose Helcetiva, it is so easy to use and looks gorgeous. Don`t be afraid to spend money on it, because we can assure you that it is worth buying. You will make your logo look professional right away.

– Start with creating your logo using just black and white color, then it will be easier for you to add any kind of color palette but only after your scratch is done already. But if you want your experimentation to be worthwhile, using some reliable design tools may be an excellent idea. You may be unable to work with a graphic designer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t develop a logo design for your business. With design tools, you can create your own logo in just a few clicks and without hassle. In short, you can streamline the creative process without compromising the quality of the design.   

– Make sure that you are having a great time while creating a logo. If all of this creativity and graphic designs give you migraines then you better take some rest or even take a nap. Who knows, maybe you will dream about the best logo that anyone ever comes up with. Let your mind work it out, we all know how powerful and creative our minds can be. Never underestimate yourself.

– Remember that a good logo should catch your eye immediately, so work on it.

– Your logo should be accurate at any time, be that now or in 10 year time period, timelessness is the key to success!

– Feel the vibe of your brand or product and let customers see it in your brand.

– Find out what is your niche. Maybe you want to have your logo in big capitals, like in some magazines, or instead of that you want your logo to be small but elegant. Do your homework and pick your niche, it will be far easier to go from there.

– Don`t forget that fonts and backgrounds play an important part in your logo.

– Remember about empty space, this way your logo will look more distinctive

– Pop of color can also make your logo creative and mesmerizing

– Search through the logos that you adore and compare them to each other. There is no doubt that you may find a certain trace that connects all of those logos, and after you do it, then it will be easier for you to get this trace and follow it adding a little bit of your creative mindset.

– Pick a proper shape for your logo and make sure its distinctive features stand out from other logos

– Before creating your logo use this trick – think about what your logo will look like if you put it on a plain coffee mug. If you like the way it looks – move on with it!

– Whether you will decide to go with the transparent logo or maybe you will pick the Helvetica logo either way make sure that you don`t neglect this part of your logo creation.

– It is better to pick simple colors, and not very bright ones, because you may get tired of them after all. Even if you choose simple colors, keep them consistent with your brand identity. For example, if you use black and white colors on your content, website, and other marketing materials, it’s best to use the same colors for your logo design. That way, you can keep your brand recognizable in the market.  

– Look around you, there are so many tips for you even in your room that you are sitting in right now, or a coffee show where you are trying to be creative.

Remember the logo for Microsoft, when you look at your curtains near the window doesn`t it seems familiar?

Be creative, be passionate and remember that your mind can store millions of genius ideas for your logo, listen to it and there is no doubt that you will create the best logo for your brand!


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