The best things to do in Mykonos, Greece


It is not unknown that Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Known for its white houses with blue ceilings and blue windows, this island has gained worldwide fame – and rightly so.

After all, there is something for everyone on Mykonos, both for those who love crowds and parties, and for those who love quiet vacations and idyllic landscapes.

Mykonos has villages full of narrow streets and picturesque alleyways, which were once used to confuse pirates. Isn’t that fascinating? We’ll get to that another time. So, let’s get right to the good stuff and list the 7 best things you to do when in Mykonos!

1) Visit the Windmills

On Mykonos, the white and brown windmills can be seen just outside Little Venice. 

Mykonos has been famous throughout Greece since ancient times for its wheat production, and when the island was in its heyday, there were more than 20 windmills scattered around the island that played a key role in its economy and production.

2) Take Trips from Mykonos

Beyond exploring Mykonos itself, taking a trip from Mykonos to other nearby Greek islands is a must-do for any traveler seeking to immerse themselves in the broader beauty and diversity of the Greek islands by sea. Travelers can choose from various island-hopping tours that showcase the diversity and beauty of the Aegean Sea. Whether by ferry, private boat, guided tours, or island-hopping tours in Greek islands, they provide a unique way to experience the landscapes of nearby islands. Overall, traveling through Greek islands will give you an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for this iconic Mediterranean destination.

As of today, there are only seven windmills remaining, and they have become one of the island’s most iconic attractions. What’s best about windmills is that you can photograph them and they are also a great place to observe and enjoy sunsets.

3) Experience the Great Nightlife in Mykonos

Among the main reasons you picked Mykonos for your vacation is the legendary nightlife – do not deny it. 

What are your preferences: cool summer cocktails or a relaxing glass of wine? Whatever you like!

You will find whatever your soul craves on Mykonos, the legendary island.

There are nightclubs on the island that cater to a wide variety of tastes but one thing is certain: the atmosphere and the decoration of their outdoor areas will make you feel as if you are shining, just like the stars in the sky above the island. From the setting of the sun, the mood invites you to live a night, as if you were dreaming it.

4) Trip to the Rhenia and Delos Islands

It will be a memorable cultural experience to visit Delos. A boat ride away, the site is undoubtedly an archaeological wonder, and legend has it that the gods Apollo and Artemis were born here. You can wander through the ruins of ancient temples, markets, houses, monuments and sculptures, dating mostly from the 6th century – 1st century BC, a period of great prosperity for Delos.

And, in order for the exploration to continue, explore the nearby island of Rhenia for thrilling diving and cool dips.

5) Visit Little Venice

In the Old Port, on its western edge, is a beautiful grid of small alleys with no cars. Each of these alleys is built with dark stone stones surrounded by cement mortar in the same bright white color as the houses.

Little Venice is the seaside neighborhood where restaurants open on a narrow path less than a meter from the sea and couples find tables.

Several buildings have shabby wooden window boxes and balconies painted blue and green. The sunsets to the west are spectacular, so try to get a table before twilight and look down at the windmills catching the last rays.

6) Visit Panagia Paraportiani Church

In the neighborhood of the Castle, just north of Little Venice, is the fascinating Church of Panagia Paraportiani.

Four separate, interconnected churches are stacked on top of a fifth, built between the 15th and 17th centuries.

There are five churches in this area dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia) and all of them have domes; the oldest is Agios Anargyros, which was built in 1425, while the other four were built throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.

It is a monument with asymmetrical white walls set against the blue sky that attracts people to take photos of it, like the windmills of the island, thus visiting it is one of the best things to do in Mykonos. 

7) Rent a Luxury Villa

Luxury is synonymous with Mykonos. Therefore, if you’re planning a visit to Mykonos, you should rent a luxurious villa and spend your holiday as an ancient Greek god would. Private pools, beautiful views, and local architecture will make your trip worthwhile. And if you’re having trouble picking which villa to choose, we’ve got you covered: just rent one of the astonishing, luxury villas in Mykonos and let the magic begin.

8) Visit Armenistis Lighthouse 

The Armenian Lighthouse was built in 1891 after the sinking of the English steamer Volta in 1887, guarding the dangerous sea passage between Mykonos and Tinos ever since. In addition to its own history and symbolism during the Second World War, it offers spectacular views at any time of day.

Cycladic islands surround you, and one can easily see why they got their name: Delos stands in front of you, and all the others circle it in a circle. If you go there at sunset, you will be enchanted by the unobstructed view and the beautiful colors.


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