How to snag a high-end fashion deal

high-end fashion deal

Luxury fashion can come at a very high price tag. Most people don’t have the resources to purchase luxury fashion direct from the brand at the time of seasonal launch dates. New York Fashion Week, Melbourne Fashion week, as well as Paris and Milan are the center stages and launch pads for a luxury label line. If pockets are deep, this is a good place to shop-a-look. Yet for mere mortals like you and I, whom unlimited budgets only feature in our dreams, a different strategy may be required. In this article let’s investigate how it is possible to snag a high-end fashion deal for much less. There are many ways in which to do this. An open mind and a wise tactic should be what it will take.

 ‘Brand New’ versus ‘pre-loved

Let’s begin with the concepts ‘Brand New’ versus ‘pre-loved’ or ‘pre-owned’ or ‘lightly used’. Once a garment is worn once, twice or even three times, it does not disappear. It is not a bar of chocolate that leaves mere crumbs behind. Very often, pre-loved garments of high-end fashion resemble their brand-new counterpart identically. Sometimes a tiny flaw that is unrecognisable unless under a close inspection can shave half the original price off the garment. It goes without saying that a small defect translates into a big discount. 

To keep our environment safe

Very often a Zimmermann jumpsuit or a Camilla and Marc dress can be found on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace for less than half their original price. One just needs to relinquish one’s need for perfection and open up the prospect that imperfectly perfect is just as beautiful. A pair of Zimmermann shoes that have been worn once will sell for half the price. ‘Worn-once’ is not what the shoes were intended for! To keep our environment safe, we need to extend the lifecycle as well. Better for your pocket, better for the environment. Undeniably, it is a Win-Wi

Zimmermann swimsuit can’t be resold

Another option for exploring great bargains is buying garments that are brand-new with tags and opening up our focus to seasons past. Naked Pear is an online store that focuses on reinventing seasonal styles for less. After all, a Zimmermann swimsuit can’t be resold for hygiene reasons.  eBay will only permit onselling of a Zimmermann bikini in brand-new condition. Logically this makes sense. So then the focus needs to be on older styles, yet in new condition. 

Colour and prints

Often, for example at a Zimmermann sale, an older style will be sold at a much lower price. This is to make space for newer styles, from the latest collection.  The secret is this: the older styles and the newer styles are the same in most aspects other than colour and different prints. So by buying Zimmermann swimwear from seasons past – you are buying the same quality, just a print from last season. Our word of advice: Focus more on the print and colour that suits you. Who cares if it is from a past season?

Set your challenge

Become a savvy online shopper. With the introduction of marketplace selling, the options for finding great deals are endless. Treat it as a challenge. For example, I challenge myself to buy the perfect pair of Zimmermann sandals at half the price. Ready for a bigger challenge? move to a third of that price. The savvier the shopper you become the better you will get at this exciting sport. After a Zimmermann playsuit? Set your challenge. 

Shopping online

Start on eBay, and next move on to Amazon, followed by Google Shopping, then Facebook marketplace. Always add to your watchlist before you have scoured the other channels. There could be a better deal lurking around the corner. The more you attempt this sport the better you will become. A happier environment, a fuller wallet, and inevitably a happier consumer!


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