Does Hair Transplant Work?

hair transplant

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What Is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that moves hair to bald or thinning areas of the scalp. Hair transplantation is also called hair restoration or hair replacement. This operation is used usually for people who have already tried other kinds of hair loss treatments. 

Hair loss or hair thinning are normal parts of aging or our lives, but they can also occur due to medical conditions or traumas that the scalp has experienced. Some people who experience hair loss may choose to have a hair transplant in Istanbul for cost and professional reasons.

How Does A Hair Transplantation Operation Work?

To put it simply, a hair transplantation surgery takes hair you have and transfers it to the area where you do not have hair. The hair that is taken is usually from the back of your head, but in some cases, the hair can also be taken from other parts of your body, too.

Before the transplant operation, your doctor sterilizes the area where the hair will be removed from and, then, uses a local anesthetic in that area. Some people request to be put to sleep during the operation. If you do not want to be awake and local anesthetic is not comfortable for you, you could tell this to your surgeon, and they will be helpful with this matter.

Success Rates

Hair transplants in Turkey are very effective procedures for restoring hair growth for hair loss that has happened due to many reasons. Even though it is on average a very successful operation, the success rate of hair transplant operation depends on various factors. For instance the skills and experiences of the surgeon are of great importance. Other than that, the thickness of your hair that will be transplanted is a very crucial factor on the operation’s success. 

Scientists warn us though that the hair transplantation operations could provide a modest change in hair fullness. If you desire a rather dramatic change, you should also consider other operations like skin flap surgery.

Does Hair Transplant Last?

In most of the cases, the person who has undergone the hair transplantation surgery will have thicker-looking hair after the operation. However, some people record that they continued to experience hair thinning and loss after the procedure. 

As mentioned, the success and effectiveness of the transplants depend on different factors, so it might not be everlasting for you. While these factors might be genetic or about the method used during the transplant, the effectiveness of the operation is also related to whether you have applied what your doctor told you to after the surgery.

What you do or do not do after the operation is of great importance. You might need to not exercise for a few weeks, for instance, or not swim or sweat for a while. You also will need to use certain medications your doctor tells you to. If you do not apply exactly what your doctor told you to, the success of your operation will be less. Of course, the low success rate of your operation might be related to your genetic background. In that case, you may also choose to undergo follow-up transplants for longer-lasting impact.


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