Reasons To Choose Paper Coffee Cups Over Traditional Plastic Cups

paper coffee cups

With people becoming aware of environmental-related problems, the world has started to witness a massive change in consumer consumption patterns. People have started to use more environment-friendly products that are less harmful and help develop a sustainable lifestyle. According to a report by, roughly 10,958,904 cups are sold daily in ALL Starbucks locations.

On average, that is estimated to be about 388 cups of espresso and/or coffee drinks daily per store—globally. This data is only from specific brand sales. Still, one can have an idea that the industry operates on a large scale and millions of cups are manufactured and utilized across the globe. From house parties to big food firms, it can be observed that everyone has started eradicating plastic-made cups and has now shifted to use paper coffee cups. To get in-depth knowledge about the topic, one can track the current progress & future of paper cups from the following article, by Bio Resources.

With the growth in technology over the years, it has been made possible to use paper reusable coffee cups that are not coated with plastic. The coating that makes it possible to contain liquids is created with water-based dispersion on both sides of the layer, while the middle layer of the cup is made with chemi-thermomechanical pulp (no, the material does not harm the ecosystem and is biodegradable). This project was set for production in 2017 and the tryout of the paper cups was successful. Nowadays, paper cups can be found in the majority of fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and local grocery stores. The reason behind selling paper coffee cups is that the customers who are planning a trip someplace, picnics with friends or family, home parties, etc. can easily access these cups.

Paper cups have made it easy for customers to be able to enjoy a coffee on the way to work or if they are in a hurry without bearing the guilt of causing harm to the environment. Other than being used in coffee shops and fast-food restaurants, paper coffee cups have become a huge part of festivals, family celebrations, corporate events, cocktail events, seminars, and many more festivities. Paper cups are often used by companies, schools, hospitals, and the primary reason why these cups have become so popular in corporate events is that they are easily customizable, so the company can print their brand or message without having to pay a lot extra. It won’t be wrong to say that branding and marketing are the key factors!

Stated below are some salient features of paper coffee cups that have influenced the masses to choose them over plastic cups:

  • Eco-friendly – Such cups are made from paper, which is disposable material. And thus, it is easy to decompose while plastics do not decompose and remain in nature, causing damage to them for years. It is simple to recycle paper. Besides, you can easily crumple the cups in a better way than plastic cups.
  • Recyclable – Paper coffee cups are recyclable. A pulp is formed with paper and water. This pulp can be further used to make new cups. This means no cutting down of trees to produce new cups every time. However, the old ones can be recycled and reused, which further promotes the notion of sustainability.
  • Biodegradable – Disposable paper cups are the cleanest products owing to their biodegradable property. Paper is made from trees and thus it usually doesn’t contain any toxic matter.
  • Consumer-friendly – It is a safer version of cups in comparison to plastic cups. Green paper cups are very much in trend. Paper doesn’t react chemically with any such consumables. Thus, whether you consume hot or cold beverages from these cups, it is absolutely safe.

All in all, it can be easily projected that the consumption of these cups is sure to rise. Also, they offer multi-purpose usage and can be customized according to one’s needs and wants. However, to know more about the manufacturing, types, transportation, and usage of paper cups, you can head over to read this to see how that works.


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