Think Like a Monk Reviews and What It Teaches Us

think like a monk

Think Like a Monk is one of the bestsellers in recent times. The book is written by Jay Shetty, a life coach, influencer, and social media star. Throughout this article, you will know more about him and what he shared in his book.

Who is Jay Shetty?

First, let us tell you a few things about the author himself.

Jay Shetty is a British writer of Indian origin. He was born in a typical Indian family living in England, and they were almost sure that he would be nothing but trouble. But in reality, nothing like this sort happened.

Once, he decided to choose the life of a monk and went to his origin country India.That too without attending his graduation ceremony!

But after spending some time as a monk, he realized that he had the potential to do something bigger than this. This is why he returned to England.

After his return, Shetty started to motivate people in his unique ways to help his friends. Those friends were in desperate need of getting better mentally. He finally realized exactly what he needed to do in life.

Now he has become a social media sensation, and you can listen to him on the podcast show called ‘On Purpose.’ He teaches people whatever knowledge he gained when living in India as a monk.

This article is based on his number one bestselling book, “Think Like a Monk.” If you have heard so many things about this book and want to buy it, first, you should go through this article. Here you will get a decent idea about why you should read it and think like a monk.

Additionally, we will inform you about other books based on this notion. So why don’t you start reading without wasting time?

Think Like a Monk book

In this section, we will provide you with a proper introduction to Think Like a Monk book.

As you read earlier, Think Like a Monk is basically about the priceless learnings of his time as a monk. He writes here about how we can take action so that our mind finds solace and an objective for daily living.

You can’t live properly until you manage to create some influence over your mind. You have to use your full strength of mind in a good way. This book has the potential to teach you that.

It was first published in September 2020, and it has a total of 352 pages. The entire book is divided into three parts. The first part goes by the name of Let Go, the second part is Grow, and the third part is called Give.

The first part, which is called Let Go, has five chapters. These chapters are Identity, Negativity, Fear, Intention, and Motivation.

The second part, known as Grow, has five chapters too. They are Purpose, Routine, The Mind, Ego, and Meditation.

The last part is called Give, has four chapters. These are Gratitude, Relationship, Service, and Meditation.

In the next section, we will talk about the review of this book. Don’t go anywhere!

Think Like a Monk review

The best thing about Think Like a Monk is that this is for everyone’s reading. That’s because the language is quite simple. So you don’t need to worry much about the book’s complexity.

Though the language is pretty simple, the book’s main theme is not so. You know, with all that intense and profound knowledge and all!

So in case you are new to reading English books, you have to give yourself a little amount of time to adjust. But after that, the rest will be easy.

Think Like a Monk is that kind of book where you will have so many priceless learnings in one place, which are so tough to articulate for anyone out there. Even if you try to collect this knowledge, it will take you along.

But you think that this book will help you solve your financial situation, you’re mistaken. This book is for those who think of spiritual growth as mandatory. So if you are looking for some advice for your financial problems, this book is not the one.

Throughout the book, Shetty wanted us to be able to differentiate between a normal mind and a mind of a monk.

A normal mind thinks too much, so the solution seems far away. But the mind of a monk thinks more realistically and sees a bigger purpose in everything.

By reading this, the knowledge will help you see things from a different perspective. But you must have been patient to read till the end. You will be so hooked that you won’t rest until the entire reading is done.

Our advice is never to think that you must finish the reading within a deadline. Read a small section daily, and then you can process it all fully. Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you and start reading.

Celebrities like Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres,  Novak Djokovic, Khloe Kardashian, Brian Grazer have admired the author for writing this book.

think like a monk

How to Think Like a Monk

In this section, the main discussion will be about what Jay Shetty has told us about how to Think Like a Monk. Here, you will see some small glimpses of what to expect from the book.

The book is not about how to become a monk. It’s about how to think like a monk.

The author doesn’t tell you to lose everything you worked to build for years. He wants us to live our lives just like we want to. But we must change our thoughts.

To think like a monk, we don’t need to become one. This is the main message the author wants us to convey. He wants to break all those stereotypical thoughts on monkhood.

Let’s see what the author teaches us about how to think like a monk.

Become fully focused on things

The best thing about monks is that they don’t let anyone or anything be a distraction. If you can do just that, no obstacles in your life can stop you.

It would help if you remembered that a scattered mind is the root of all problems. But whenever you start thinking like a monk, you should be able to use your mind as you wish. That is your greatest strength.

Discover the real version of you

Most of us try to judge other people all the time. But we never think about who we are and what we want. We constantly want to know other people’s opinions about us which is a problem.

But what you need to do first and foremost is to discover yourself. The main purpose of life is to discover what you are here for and how you can achieve your goal.

So basically, the summary is to establish a healthy and fruitful bond with none other than yourself.

Always think of everyone around you

When you think about how a monk thinks, you must not put yourself first. Empathy is the most important virtue you need to bring to your mind. This way, problem-solving won’t be a difficult job for you anymore.

Be in the present all the time

Another important aspect you have to maintain is always remaining in the present. Do not think about what happened before or what will happen next. When you do that, your lifestyle is bound to improve automatically.

Whenever you can achieve the things we told you, you can think as a monk does. Always try to be at the right moment.

think like a monk

Books like Think Like a Monk

So now that you have read about the necessary details of Think Like a Monk, let’s see what else we need to talk about.

In case you are looking for options when it comes to motivational books, we got you covered. In this section, you will get the names of some of the bestselling self-help books.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

This book is written by Joseph Murphy, an Irish author of psychology. Throughout this particular book, Murphy tried to explain how our subconscious mind works or how strong is its true potential. It has so much control over all our actions and knowledge.

If you read this book till the end, you will realize a few things. You will know that if you have faith in something particular and a good vision of it, no other things can stop you from getting it.

Also, by reading this book, you will get to know how to travel through your subconscious to find what you are looking for. You will realize how faith is the main root of every achievement.

It is a very well-written book and one of the bestsellers. It would help if you tried it once.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Written by blogger Charles Manson, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” has managed to win people over. The main message the author wanted to convey through this book is quite amazing.

Manson stated that the main thing you need to do is to accept life as it is. You cannot avert all the issues forming in your life. You have to handle everything with confidence and ignorance.

This book also teaches you to think about what makes a difference in the end and what doesn’t. When you can differentiate between these two, life will automatically get easier.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This particular book is a motivating fable written by Robin Sharma. This book describes the life journey of Julian Mantle, a lawyer in his first life.

Throughout the book, we see how Julian Mantle rediscovered his life objectives and how he gained some valuable knowledge. This self-discovering journey of the protagonist will help in ways you might have never thought possible.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

We have all heard about the famous motivational speaker who goes by the name of Dale Carnegie. This book has been immensely popular worldwide since the last century!

After giving up his career as a salesman, Carnegie started his true journey. This book teaches you how to deal with demanding people cool and calmly.

Atomic Habits

The last book on this list is Atomic Habits, written by James Clear. Throughout this book, the author has tried to tell us how just by changing habits we can change our way of living. We see how changing a small habit can change everything around us.

The author has told about atomic habits, which may seem very little but have immense significance. You will also learn new ways to develop a brand new practice.

Final thoughts

Now that it’s time to end this discussion, here are our final thoughts.

Often many of us think that we don’t know what we are doing here. That’s when all we need is just a nudge for going forward.

Think Like a Monk is such a book that is enough to give you the necessary motivation in your everyday life. Even if you don’t read books normally, we recommend you choose this one.

If you are familiar with these kinds of books but haven’t read one in a long time, you have to go through it once. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.


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