The most exciting sports you can enjoy with family


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But there is more than football for you and your family to enjoy if you fancy an athletic family bonding event. Below are some of the best sports you can enjoy with your family. 


Badminton is a fun sport to engage in, especially as a family. The thrill of not letting the shuttlecock drop in your area is simply enthralling.

As a family, you can divide yourselves into teams with one parent on each side. More interestingly, you can make it a parents-versus-children affair and watch the kids strive hard to make a statement.

Thankfully, a little space in any comfortable place in the house will get the job done, though this depends on the family size.

Also, procuring the needed equipment is easy and cheap, giving little room for a dent in your pocket.


It is fun seeing a family, all giggling as they cycle down the street, taking turns to out-pace one another. Apart from it being a form of physical exercise, this energetic sport also has a way of bonding family members together. 

This is seen in how the family members communicate and share heartfelt laughter as they journey. As a family, you can even make it competitive by making it a race and including a prize for the winner.

Just get those bikes out and dart off! Remember, each family member should always wear the necessary safety clothing before proceeding. In addition, make sure the route is safe for the family.


Basketball is a sport loved by many. It even gets more interesting playing it as a family. Thankfully, not much is needed to achieve this.

Unlike a classic basketball game, the family can play it with only one net and a ball. The aim is to throw the ball into the net.

Each family member can take turns aiming for the net while the person with the highest correct number of aims after a stipulated time wins. 

Alternatively, you can make it teamwork, with each side trying their best to make the basket. Who knows if the next LeBron James would emerge from family events like this.  


This popular track event is another sport that the family can engage in. All that is needed is the right track gear and open space.

The family can use it as a fitness routine. As a competition, the family can make it a race to see who is faster. Alternatively, they can spice it up by making it an egg race, sack race, or blindfolded race.

Martial Arts

As a family, martial art does not have the same intensity as professional athletes. However, it is still a great interactive sport with many lessons.

Particularly for the kids, martial arts teaches them different defense techniques, self-control, precision, and discipline. 

Besides, it makes them confident to stand their ground against intimidation.

There are different martial arts that the family can engage in. This includes judo, taekwondo and karate. Together, the family can choose one to learn.

In addition, they can also learn the different fighting stances, skills, and defense methods. The more the family members practice together, the more the aforementioned qualities are built.


Swimming is an age-old sport and skill that can come in handy when needed. As a family, developing this sport as a skill is much easier. 

This is because nowadays, pools are regular sights in houses. With it, members of the family, even little kids, can learn the art of swimming.

Even if there is no standard swimming pool constructed in your house, you can still purchase inflatable swimming pools large enough to contain everybody in the family.

During leisure times or sunny days, a simple cool-off can be turned into a fun-filled race to swim from one part of the pool to the other.

Besides swimming alone, the family can also play some other pool games together. Looking for inspiration?

How about something as simple as throwing a ball around in the pool.


Sports are not for the professionals alone. The family can still enjoy a fun-filled session. Engaging in different sports do not only keep the family fit but also bonds them. In addition, life lessons are learned, and discipline is upheld.

As a family, the above-listed sports do not require much. Simply try them out and be glad that you did.


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