Features to Add to Your Luxury Glass Doors


Installing glass doors in a home helps improve the curb appeal and increase the property value on resale. Glass doors at home or in the office are a statement showcasing different aspects of the property design. Property owners choose luxury glass windows and doors depending on property design, but there are some changes that will prevent the glass from remaining plain. Here are a few purposeful additions you can make to your glass doors.

Features to Add to Luxury Glass Doors

When installing luxury glass doors, consider the additions that will improve the doors’ aesthetics. Not all glass door options are similar, so the extra features one might opt for often depend on personal taste and door functionality. Here are some common features that one can add to their luxury glass doors.

Modern Door Handles

The handling of glass doors can be tricky as many of these doors are delicate. While high-quality glass doors are durable, one still needs something to hold on to when opening or closing the door. 

A common way most people avoid fingerprints on their glass doors is through installing frames. For people that opt to enjoy frameless glass doors, you will need to install door handles. Handles offer an area users can hold on, preventing guests from touching the glass directly.

Handles serve a functional purpose when on glass doors, but you could also use them to improve aesthetics. Depending on the type of door handle you install, it can create a different look. Modern or custom door handles improve the overall property outlook and can blend in well with the home.

Window Treatment

Homeowners generally have a demand for privacy from the outside world. Achieving privacy with glass doors can be challenging, especially if the owner does not want to install frosted glass. The best way to improve privacy is through window treatment solutions.

Window treatment reduces outside visibility into the home. Better still, one gets to retain the glass door effect since they can perfectly enjoy the outside view. 

A practical window treatment option for glass doors is tint film. One can choose window tint options that blend in with the home’s overall aesthetic. 

Window tint can also protect the household and property. Tint regulates the number of UV rays that can access the interior. They work to shield the home from the effects of harmful light, preventing you and your furniture from being exposed to problems like skin cancer or discoloration.

By regulating the amount of sunshine in the home, window tint also limits screen glare, reducing the need to strain your eyes. Watching TV or working on computer screens will become more comfortable.

Locks and Security Bar

Security for a home or business premise is essential, so one must plan for it even with glass doors. Locks are some of the most important additions that most property owners go for to improve security.

There are various lock options that one can work with depending on the type of luxury glass door they own. Sliding doors, for instance, require special locks that may not work on hinged door options. The ideal locks for door options will improve security at home.

An expert should handle door lock installation to ensure they are functional to keep the household and property safe. Unique luxury glass door designs like the bi-fold options need special lock systems to prevent unauthorized entry into the property.

To reinforce glass door security, you can also install a security bar. Security bars are common for most sliding glass doors but can be used to strengthen the structure of any luxury glass window or door type. Luxury glass doors offer overall better sturdiness, protecting the household and property at the premise.

House Numbers or Business Branding

Glass doors often make a house stand out, but it can be confusing if every home in the neighborhood has a similar design. One way to ease confusion is to install house numbers on glass doors. 

House numbers might seem better suited on the outside wall, but they also look beautiful on the glass doors at the front of a home. For businesses, branding is essential for attracting customers. Luxury glass doors and windows offer the perfect space to add numbers or branding to any building.

Hire Experts to Install the Luxury Glass Windows Additions

Residential or commercially-outfitted glass doors improve the property’s aesthetics and create a luxurious feel. There are added features that one can include to enhance the usability of glass doors. For proper functionality of the luxury glass windows and doors, you will need to hire an expert in order to add some key features. The expert you work with should ensure that the additional features comply with the property design for an exquisite finish.

Contact a company that provides such luxury glass options for more information.


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