Popular Types of Bath Pillow that You Should Know

Types of Bath Pillow

A heated bath is a special and enjoyable part of any self-care routine, especially while infused with stress-busting critical oils, nourishing soaks, or skin-secure tub bombs. But there`s one issue that could spoil any correct lengthy soak: the tub’s cold, hard, and uncomfortable ledge digging into the criminal of the neck. Types of Bath Pillow-

Sure, people can choose a rolled towel. The problem is that the second bathers attain for the wine glass or the brand-new novel in their tubs caddy, the towel is certain to return back unrolled, turning into a soggy mess. The best solution there could be is the bath tub pillow. These cushions, like those at everlastingcomfort.net, aren’t the simplest greater handy however they may be additionally ergonomically designed for correct neck assist and comfort. 

Whether a person got a widespread tub, a totally oval claw foot, or a square one with an outstanding straight back, there are a lot of types everyone should consider to make their every bath a comfortable and fun one.

Standard Neck

As the name says, the standard neck bathtub pillow is the most common type there is. Its design involves a foam that focuses on supporting the neck. Being the main or the standard type, a lot of varieties of this are available in the market. Depending on the brand and the preferences of the buyers, there are standard neck bath pillows that have large two-panel foams, rounded foam, and cylindrical foam. It is also better if people choose something that has suction cups for better hold and memory foam for additional comfort. 

Neck and Back

The neck and back bath pillow focuses on giving support along the neck to the back part of the user. This gives great comfort especially when the tub a person is using is designed with sharp edges. Neck and back bath pillows give protection not only on the user’s neck but also along his or her spine and back. Surely, everyone enjoys long hours relaxing in the tub with this type of pillow. 

Full Body

The largest among the previous types, a full-body bath pillow not only gives support on the neck but along the whole body of the user. Basically, this type covers the entire surface of the tub creating a foamy and more comfortable bath experience. This is great for younger and older individuals because it protects them from slipping into the cold tubs. Also, there are other full-body bath pillows that have a massage-foam design to help people press the right joints and ease the muscle cramps while taking a bath. 


The most convenient type of bath tub pillow, inflatable pillows can be used anywhere and anytime people want. Since it can be easily set up with any tub type, this has become popular for travelers and frequent movers. Also, people shouldn’t worry because there are a lot of other designs that will suit a range of preferences; there are also inflatable neck pillows, neck and back pillows, and even full-body pillows. Depending on what people desire, this has a lot of varieties like the ones available at everlastingcomfort.net.


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