How to create an mvp web design that will bring your startup to success?


VP web design can serve you a key to open the door into the world of new opportunities. We’re talking about fundraising and further development of the product if it turns out to be in demand in the market. But before we start talking about the issue, let’s clear up what we mean when we use «MVP» and «MVP web design». 

Minimum viable product is a digital product that looks excellent and allows customers to achieve their aims thanks to essential functions. There is no place for different add-ons and pretticism for visual perfection, but it looks good and the core features work at the top level. As for mvp web design, guys at show in detail the process of development and their professional tips can be helpful. 

How to get ready for MVP design?

Unlike mobile MVP design, you don’t need to take care of splitting between different mobile platforms. And if you know that your audience keeps to web-surfing, MVP web design can be a well thought solution. The reason is that it can be completed in short terms and with minimal funds. As far as time matters, MVP design services enhance your business opportunities to start successfully. Later, you can scale your project and get a mobile app if required. 

To make it easy for the design team to evaluate the scope of work related to your project, try to find web solutions which ideas or functionality are close to your business idea. The more appropriate examples you have, the faster developers will understand what exactly you need. So, start your internet journey and put into your treasury all the design ideas you were impressed with. 

The timeline for MVP design is staggering around twelve weeks. Every two weeks you’ll get a result in order to see the process is going and it is going on the right path. Though the iterations are short and the deliverables in each are not very significant, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and step by step move to your goals. You can make changes if needed in the process. Since MVP web design is a flexible and ever-changing process, many effective insights can appear during the development stage. For example, Uber planned their service as a traditional dispatcher center, but in the process they came up with an innovative solution that connects passengers and drivers without their intervention. 

To meet the next stage in full force, take care of the next things: 

  • Write down the key idea of your project: what problem will it solve, how, for whom?
  • Explore the market and register the existing solutions with similar business ideas.
  • Write down their strengths and weaknesses, and how you can boost the first ones and avoid the second in your MVP product. 
  • Save the samples of web design that you perceive as awesome. That will give the right direction for creativity and inspiration for the UI/UX design team. 

As all these preparations are completed, it’s time to proceed to the next stage. 


How MVP web design will let you attract first users

As you have caught from the previous text, MVP is a realistic way to check your business hypothesis with minimal expenses. 

Unlike a prototype, it works and brings money. The great advantage of MVP is to give you an opportunity for development. You can invest money you earned with MVP into further improvements of the product. 

People’s attention is the most precious thing nowadays. To catch it, you should be very inventive, empathetic and ready to experiment. It won’t be an excessive thing to know the dominating MVP web design trends. 

One page web applications became popular due to their simplicity, clearance and convenience. They allow people to save time and solve their tasks at a rapid pace. 

Unconventional typography inspires users to show interest for the product as far as it makes it feels fresh and up to date. 

Collages that unite different styles, themes and epochs look intricate and stylish.

Animation and abstractions let websites look engaging and trendy that attract new generation users who also appreciate all kinds of interactive design. 

There’s a sea of nuances in contemporary MVP web design. But don’t worry. If you take onboard an experienced UI/UX team, you are saved. The guys know how to turn all these things into your competitive advantages. Leaning on their niche knowledge and business analysis, they will build a well working solution for your startup.

Relying on your business interests and goals, they will help you develop an MVP web design solution that meets your prospectives and visitors’ expectations. To complete this, UI/UX team has to maneuver between miscellaneous requirements. For example, cute and complex animation shouldn’t destroy fast download of the web application. 

How to choose an MVP web design team? 

When it comes to hiring an MVP design team, it can be a bit puzzling to select the appropriate one, as there are so many factors to be taken into account. High qualification, similar artistic tastes, impressive portfolio and satisfied clients – these are the things to pay attention to. 

Deep expertise in the related domain and relevant experience proved by working projects can ensure that the creative team will manage your tasks. Narrow technological stack can also be an advantage. For example, at Purrweb specialists use JavaScript for mobile and web design of MVP. Perfect knowledge of the tool empowers developers to cut costs and deliver perfectly made solutions to the market. 

The cost of MVP design depends on two main parameters: the scope of work for your project and hourly rates of developers. The USA design teams are known for their highest prices, and the lowest cost is charged by Asian developers. At Purrweb, the team tries to keep the attractive ratio between work quality and cost. The upper bound for MVP design is $40,000. 

Don’t put off your ideas till the best time. Try to catch a fair wind in your  sails with a proper tailored MVP design. What if it is a first step into an inspiring business journey?


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