Get Paid for Using a Product You Like: Why Referral Programs Are Awesome

Using a Product You Like

Smart, savvy shoppers do everything they can to get maximum discounts off the full retail price. Coupon clipping/apps, discount codes, and sale prices are all common ways to save money. A lesser-known method is a referral program, where companies reward you for letting people know about their products and services.

Referral programs come in handy, especially when you’re talking about products you use on a regular basis anyway. Why not let your shopping habits make money for you? 

Learn more to see how you can save money, earn cash bonuses, and earn store credit using a referral code.

Easy Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Essentially, by referring your family and friends to a company or encouraging them to buy their products, you’re doing advertising work for them in exchange for some sort of benefit. This is typically a discount off merchandise, a fixed amount of cash per referral, or credit towards the store. In some cases, you might get an incentive towards a travel experience for others signing up through you—this often comes into play with banks and other financial institutions.

You can also take surveys, scan shopping receipts, and use apps that transfer change from purchase into a separate savings account for you. You can save money without even thinking about it, and if your friend uses your referral code, you can get a serious bonus. Some programs even give you a cash bonus for signing up, which is a nice perk for just a few minutes of your time. 

Have a Friend Use Your Referral Code, and You Both Win!

In some cases, you and your friend get a cash back option if they use your referral code. There may be specific tasks your friend needs to do first. For instance, if the program gives you cash back on every purchase, your friend may need to link a debit or credit card to the program first. If they’re going to do that anyway, though, you may as well both benefit.

Most of these programs don’t limit the number of referrals you can have, so the more referral codes you’re able to use, the better.  If you can reach several people, everything quickly adds up.

Referral Programs Are More Common Than You Think

There are countless referral programs out there if you know where to look. You can use a savings website that will typically aggregate programs together and explain the parameters of each one. You can even directly ask your favorite companies if they have one and how to go about using it. 

Savings Are More Important Than Ever

These days, don’t you want to capitalize on every savings opportunity you can? There’s no better way than a program designed to reward you for simply living your everyday life. Don’t be shy about asking your friends to use a referral code if they are making an already-intended purchase, and you can both reap the rewards.


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