Salt Mine Krakow – a place worth visiting

salt mine

For all history lovers, the perfect place to visit in Poland is Krakow – the former capital of our country, seat of kings, with the famous Wawel Castle, which is a symbol not only of this city. Beautiful architecture, a multitude of museums, atmospheric streets – all this makes those who once came to Krakow, want to return there. In the vicinity of the city there is also a salt mine available for visiting. It is worth putting it on your list of places to visit, because it is really interesting.

Salt mine in Wieliczka

It is worth stressing that although many people think that the location is salt mines Krakow, it is actually located not far from this city – in Wieliczka. It’s also worth stressing that this mine is one of the oldest Polish monuments of this type – it is estimated that the salt mine has been functioning continuously since the 13th century! What’s even more interesting is that this place could have been created much, much earlier, even millions of years ago – of course, it wasn’t a mine then. It’s amazing to see something with such a rich history.

However, there is a very important point to consider – the start of the tour involves a descent of almost 400 steps – narrow steps that can only be navigated on the left side, and it can be difficult to turn around. Therefore, people who suffer from claustrophobia or fear of heights must consider whether they will be able to overcome these stairs, which may be an obstacle for them.

To Wieliczka with children

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a great place to do with children. As we know, monuments are not always attractive for the youngest, but it is impossible to get bored in the mine. You can participate in educational trips, listen to very interesting stories and, above all, see Solilandia. This is a place where you can experience a lot of adventures, which will stay in the memory of the youngest for a long time. A trip to Wieliczka is both education and entertainment in one – that is why school trips often appear there.

However, parents and carers will also find something interesting for themselves – there are graduation towers in the mine, which are good for relaxation and health. The salty air, bringing obvious associations with that by the sea, has a good effect on our organism. It is worth sitting by the graduation towers and breathing in peacefully.

How to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine?

We can go to Wieliczka on our own – then it is worth taking advantage of the staff’s knowledge. On site we will receive all the necessary brochures, which will allow us to get to know this place much better. However, we can also easily find organised tours, which often start in Krakow. An organised tour has the advantage that we basically only show up, and the whole plan is arranged by the organisers.


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