Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin


Life makes you witness all ups and downs. There are some days when you admire your life, but there are some too where you try to forget everything. Jose Trinidad Marin was the husband of the famous singer Jenny Rivera. But now their life is not very ideal. Whenever we look at celebrities, we will always find them smiling in front of the camera.

If we look at their personal lives and the details that are seldomly shared with the public, we will find that most of them are not living a very pleasant life. Some might be living through a divorce, and others might be witnessing a dispute regarding their children. No matter what the reason is, we are always astonished to get the details of the lives of our favorite personalities.

Jose Trinidad Marin Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin or Trino Marin is a resident of California, USA. The general public did not know his name, but he appeared on the screen of fame after marrying Jenni Rivera. If we talk about his spouse, then the reason for her being famous in the world is her singing, songwriting, and acting skills that have gained her a huge name in all the sectors of life.

Millions of people want to know more about the couple and get a better picture of their relationship. But if we look at their relationship life, the couple decided to keep it secret and personal after they came together. Although if we talk about other celebrity couples, there is a huge detail available on the internet regarding their personal lives, including their likings and dislikings.

Some Basic Information Regarding Jose Trinidad Marin

Let’s start with the occupation of the celebrity husband then Jose was an administrator in a Mexican American Café. This is all that we know about his professional career, and there is no further detail about his occupational life currently available. (Viagra) According to the available information, it was evident that this was the only source of income of the celebrity spouse.

Some Basic Information Regarding Jose Trinidad Marin Some Basic Information Regarding Jose Trinidad Marin

If we take a look at the origin of his family, then Jose belongs to Mexico. His passport lets us understand that he is a Mexican American. The upbringing of Trino was carried out in Mexico, but later on, his parents decided that it would be better if they shifted to the USA. Therefore, they moved over here and are settled here permanently. But still, we do not know the exact timing of when the star relocated himself to the USA.

Now let’s dive into the profile of Jose Trinidad Marin. Then we will come to know that he also goes by the name Trino Marin. According to the records, his date of birth is February 15, 1964. Although he was married to the famous singer Jenni Rivera, his marital status shows that he is divorced. By profession, he was an administrator at a café.

He also has 3 children named Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Michael Marin. If we look at his date of birth, Jose is more than 56 years old as of today. He has been retired from his post as an administrator, and since he has got fame because of his marriage to a famous star, he maintains himself well to look perfect in the public appearance. The sources tell us that the weight of Trino Marin is 67 kgs.

An Insight Into The Relationship Life Of Jose Trinidad Marin

If we try to get some insight into the relationship life of the famous singer Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin, we will learn that he liked her from his teen days. When Jenni was only 15 years old, Jose developed a liking for her, but once Jose turned 20, he proposed to her, and they got married.

An Insight Into The Relationship Life Of Jose Trinidad Marin An Insight Into The Relationship Life Of Jose Trinidad Marin

Their marriage was conducted a few months after he proposed to the famous singer. If we look at the time of the marriage, it was in 1984. If we take a look at the timeline, then the very first time when Jenni got pregnant with Jose’s child, at that time, Jenni’s age was only 17 years. The couple had three lovely children. But unfortunately, this marriage did not end very well. The couple divorced almost 8 years after their marriage in 1992.

If we look at why this loving couple separated from each other, we will come to know that Jose mistreated Jenni, his sister in law and the children too. This was a huge setback for their relationship, and it was never intended to take life at such a turn.

Although their marriage ended, if we look upon the fact, we will come to know that Jose has started his life all over again. According to the available information, somewhere in Riverside County, he married another woman. Since the public demands the couple’s photo, we are sad to deliver this news. Currently we do not have any photo of Jose and his new partner.

The Trial Part Of The Family

If we look at the available details, we will come to know that Jose assaulted his sister-in-law. He also tried to assault his own daughters. He wanted to develop a sexual relationship with Jenni’s sister. Once the details came out in the light, they became the reason for the favorite couple’s divorce. Later on, this matter was taken to trial, and he was sentenced to jail for 9 years. Later on, this sentence was taken up to 31 years. The reason being that the details of his sexual assault and rape were proven in court. Also, there was news that he tried to assault his coworkers sexually; therefore, he was fired from his post.


How life continues depends upon the actions of a person. If we take a look at the life of Jose Trinidad Marin, then we will come to know how some wrong decisions can destroy the life of a person, and we will also come to know why it is extremely important to control your feelings and make the decisions that are based upon ethics and social norms.


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