Top 7 Most In Demand International Careers In 2022

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Working abroad is a rite of passage that many graduates embark on nowadays. You live and work in a new culture, where you can experience the best and worst of what life has to offer across different time zones, under various circumstances, with new people and surroundings. Whether you are looking for an adventure or just want to challenge yourself professionally, working abroad can be a great way to earn money and live/travel in a foreign country.

The job market in Saudi Arabia took a significant blow in 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19, which wiped out millions of jobs worldwide. Following this event, population numbers dropped to record lows, unemployment hit critical levels, and the labour market took a dive into free fall. However, things have improved significantly over the last year, and new jobs have emerged. Here’re some of the most in demand international careers:

  1. Data Analyst

A career as a data analyst is a hot profession that is only expected to grow in the coming years and has a promising salary. Data analysis is all about the process of cleaning, transforming and analyzing data to extract valuable insights from it eventually. Data analysis fits any industry or job role as long as you have access to data. Skilled data analysts are scarce, and companies from all over the world are looking for them. Additionally, most businesses rely on data analysis to function because it helps them achieve better results, i.e., increase sales, reduce operations costs, and take their business to the next level. It’s a competitive field, but those who get to grips with the data analysis process reap the rewards.

  1. Construction Project Managers

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry is booming and will continue to grow. This has led to an in-demand for construction project managers who plan and oversee the entire construction process. They must typically pay attention to every minute detail and focus on managing costs and maximizing efficiency. Construction managers must also be able to meet established deadlines and budgets and juggle multiple projects at one time.

Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich country, and the government of Saudi Arabia has spent a lot of money to build infrastructure to provide opportunities for natural gas and oil pipeline construction. Projects offering pipeline construction in Saudi Arabia offer a welcome break from the larger, more international companies you might be used to working with. With the right experience and network, getting your foot in the door could lead to years of project manager jobs in the Middle East.

  1. IT Manager

As an IT manager, you will be responsible for planning the organization’s overall information systems to support business processes. You will also need to select, implement, and maintain high-quality technology that provides efficiency and productivity. In addition to this, you will also provide policy management and security services and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

The majority of Information Technology Manager positions in Saudi Arabia require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, especially in IT/engineering-related disciplines. However, the candidate’s experience level will determine whether the hiring manager prefers a master’s degree instead. With these requirements, there’s an opportunity for veterans to make considerable career changes and benefit from lucrative paychecks.

  1. General Practitioner/Doctor

The healthcare industry is in high demand throughout Saudi Arabia, especially now that the economy is growing so quickly. Hospital conditions are rapidly improving, and new hospitals are being built to accommodate many patients suffering from disease or injury.

Working as a general practitioner in Saudi Arabia is one of the most lucrative jobs available. The training necessary to become a general practitioner is extensive; however, the need for medical personnel to provide general check-ups, immunizations, and other routine care is high. Saudis are also increasingly aware of their health, and a wide range of preventative treatments are becoming available.

General practitioners earn nearly $13,000 per month, which can help cushion your ex-pat life in Saudi Arabia. The requirements to apply as a GP depend on the hospitals you want to work at. If you’re already a specialist, you will likely need at least 4 years of experience.

  1. Real Estate Broker

If your background has been focused on real estate, and you’ve managed projects involving land and home sales, leases and purchases, you can earn over $144,000 annually as a Real Estate Manager in Saudi Arabia — but only if you have the right skills. Being in charge of a property will require you to oversee multiple assets and maximize their returns. To obtain a position as a real estate agent, most firms need at least eight years of previous experience and five years of management experience.

  1. Nursing

If you’re looking for a career in the medical field and you’re qualified to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia, there’s never been a better time. An aging population, coupled with well-established health care infrastructure and generous government subsidies, has created a booming career market for nurses in Saudi Arabia. Registered nurses perform a wide range of duties, including medical administration, patient and child hygiene, performing diagnostic tests, and providing primary care to patients. If you have your RN license, various jobs are available to you.

  1. Lawyers

Saudi Arabia is a very lucrative place for a lawyer to work. Specifically, the private sector offers better compensation, though there are opportunities in public law as well. Whether you want to practice corporate law, real estate law, or financial law, you’ll find plenty of jobs in Saudi Arabia. To work with one of the top law firms, you’ll need to meet all the necessary educational requirements and have extensive experience working as a lawyer in a foreign country.

The Final Word

From strict working conditions to a high standard of living, there’s much more to Saudi Arabia than oil, religious tolerance and sand. Though it’s the largest economy in the Middle East and oil accounted for almost all of its exports, things are changing. As the business grows, more international workers are being employed, and a wave of new jobs is being created. If you’re looking to work in Saudi Arabia, you may want to consider relocating in the next year as there are already some lucrative careers that are calling your name!



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