7 Styling Tips When Wearing Street Style Fashion

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When you’re browsing the internet for some inspirational outfits, you won’t be surprised to see street style dominating the fashion trends these days. Celebrities, famous people, artists, and influencers are all seen sporting these essential streetwear clothing that is all too simple yet allows them to stand out from the crowd. How do they pull off that basic but unique look? Casual, laid-back clothes are definitely in this year, and if you want to sport this look, it’s best to read along for some helpful tips.

The street style will never go stale, and you can even elevate and customize them the way you want if you intend to add more finesse into your streetwear outfit. The key in street style fashion is to develop clothing pieces that all work together without portraying a boring, too simple, or dull look. It’s vital to emphasize that while streetwear comprises two basic clothing staples, you need to exert more effort to make an outfit give you that oomph.

Consider and apply the following tips in wearing street-style fashion.

  • Loose Is In 

While form-fitting dresses and blouses will never fail to flatter your curvy body, the time has come for loose clothing to be in with the trends. No matter the age, gender, or race, loose streetwear clothing is simply relaxing to see and wear. You just need to make sure it fits your body type and style. Check out your options from statefortyeight.com, or head over to your favorite clothing store for some stylishly loose clothing pieces. 

If you want a more relaxed style but don’t want to wear baggy clothes, opt for a more relaxed silhouette. Invest in loose clothing and add something to neutralize the look. In recent years, streetwear brands have shifted from slim-fit styles to straight-leg cuts as this encourages ease of movement for both genders. The ultimate rule for this look is to balance your clothes, which means if your jeans are loose, try wearing a crop top or fitted blouse to have a good yin and yang balance. 

  • Simply Hang The Jacket On Your Shoulder 

This look isn’t new at all, as many classic beauties in the past decades have sported the same style. Wear your jacket over your shoulders, and you’ll definitely own the crowd. This could be the scene-stealer among all aspects of your outfit. That said, your entire outfit will instantly look chic and stylish with the jacket. Make sure to hang them just around your shoulders instead of entirely wearing them.

  • Keep It Simple And Basic 

If you want a successful streetwear outfit, you need to start from scratch. Fashion on the street is a mix-and-match affair; this means you need to invest in basic and staple clothing. You can still come up with a luxurious and elegant outfit despite looking casual and laid back. If you want to flaunt some logos and brands, you can still do so in a controlled variety, though. Apply the best trends to elevate your everyday style

  • Rock The Grocery Bag Look 

Tote bags seem to be the holy grail for streetwear fashion among women. Too many celebrities were spotted bringing their grocery bags while walking downtown or the main streets. For this reason, these bags will always look perfect paired with any of your streetwear clothing. You can always carry your grocery tote bag with you despite not really buying some groceries. 

  • Embrace Sports Wear 

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Adding an athletic aspect to classic styles is achieved by coming up with a blended style. Streetwear clothing uses a lot of sportswear garments, and for a good reason. They seem easy to wear, pair with, and look unique when matched with luxurious accessories. You can easily combine your sportswear like a jersey with denim and finish it off with some fashionable sneakers that you can wear to work. This look allows you to look great and move easily anywhere. 

  • Wear A T-shirt Underneath A Strappy Dress 

Dress up a strappy dress in a different way and ditch the traditional way of wearing it. One way of doing so is to wear a shirt underneath. A street-style outfit consists of a strappy dress with a fitted top underneath with boots and accessories to complete the look. You can play with the color combinations as long as you can pull it off altogether. Wear beautiful sunglasses, and you’re ready to go. 

  • Wear Confidence And Your Best Attitude 

It’s all about how you carry yourself when you step out. Be confident and convey the right attitude, even when you wear the most basic clothing. The viewers will be sure to notice you well if you look the best in a crowd. Streetwear is styled in a way that makes you stand out not 100% because of what you’re wearing but because of how you pulled it off. 


There is a different wardrobe for every body type. The important thing is to know what suits your body and personality. With the styling tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing street-style fashion without worrying why they’re too austere for your liking. 


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