5 Reasons Medical Practitioners Need a Donjoy Ice Machine

Donjoy Ice Machine

It has been proven that cold therapy delivers excellent results when applied to swelling and pain after surgery or physical injuries. Not only does it reduce discomfort, it also speeds up recovery times. By using cold therapy machines or Donjoy Ice Machine, patients do not have to rely as heavily on pain medicines. 

So, why should you purchase an ice machine for cold therapy protocols? What makes this type of equipment stand out when it comes to patient care? Visit site to see highly-effective cold therapy products like the Donjoy iceman. 

1. Easier Treatment of Sports Injuries and Postoperative Pain

Cold treatments represent the “I” letter in the acronym RICE, which stands for rest, ice compression, and elevation. In this instance, you can use cold therapy to relieve pain and swelling in cases of overuse or injury. Pain relief is provided for conditions, such as:

  • Tendonitis,
  • Arthritis
  • Hip or knee replacement
  • Sore back
  • Sprains

When you use equipment, such as a Donjoy Ice Machine, the cold treatment delivery reduces the temperature of the skin and lowers nerve activity. Because it constricts blood flow, the application eases the pain that results from swelling and inflammation. The same holds true for sensitivity.

2. Natural Pain Relief

When an ice machine is used to control pain, the patient also depends less on analgesics or prescription pain medications. This is extremely helpful, as the patient feels more alert and less depressed. Using an ice machine anesthetizes the pain and has a numbing effect. 

3. A Controlled System of Delivery

When an ice machine is used, again, the therapy is controlled, thereby speeding up healing and recovery. Placing ice directly on the skin can damage the epidermis or cause frostbite. However, when equipment is used for healing, skin damage is minimized and the temperature is maintained. 

Treatments usually consist of 10-to-20 minute sessions, depending on the degree of irritation. You can also check the skin during the treatment when the machine is in use.

4. A Semi-closed Loop Design for Ongoing Temperature Control

What is great about using an ice machine by a brand like Don Joy is its design. Because of the equipment’s configuration, you can keep the temperature regulated for an average of 6 hours’ runtime. You only need to add ice after this period. The design also prevents the freezing of inlets.

5. A User-friendly Product

When you use cold therapy equipment, you have access to various cold pads, including knee wraps, for therapy. The equipment features a self-primed plug-and-play operation and offers an easy-to-read level indicator to refill ice.

Buying Cold Therapy Equipment – The Requirements

Medical professionals that purchase ice machines for therapy must qualify their credentials before buying the equipment. It is important that you review the manufacturer’s directions that come with the equipment purchase. The machines may also be sold to patients whose doctor has prescribed the equipment for at-home use.

Final Thoughts

Using cold therapy for healing offers key benefits. By using the right equipment, you can provide pain relief for a variety of injuries or post-operative treatment plans. Not only does the equipment reduce the need for painkillers, it speeds up recovery times. Using cold therapy turns out to be a win-win process for both the patient and the healthcare professional.



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