Are Home DNA Testing Kits Reliable?

DNA Testing

If you ever find yourself worrying about your ancestral line, you understand how persistent and disturbing it is. To ease yourself from this taxing experience, you need to conduct a paternity test. 

A paternity test is a medical operation that uses DNA profiles to determine whether an individual is the biological father of the other party. Notably, there are various ways to conduct a paternity test. Among these many methods, using a home DNA testing kit is one of them. Find out more info here.

How does a home DNA testing kit work?

Home paternity testing is commonly referred to as a simple peace of mind test because of the convenience of doing the test at your place. All you have to do is order the home DNA testing kit and closely follow the guidelines. The kit contains the following materials;

  • Buccal swabs – they are used to collect the cheek swab samples.
  • Envelopes – the samples are placed in the envelope, sealed and labelled for identification.
  • Manual for sample collection
  • Return envelope – This is where the collected samples are placed and mailed back.
  • Gloves

The procedure of doing a home DNA testing kit is as follows;

  • Order online. The kit is ordered online through a phone call or by filling an online form. You will need to fill in personal details such as name, date of birth and physical address for ease of delivery.
  • Collecting the DNA samples. You are supposed to do a cheek swab, carefully package the sample in the envelope, and mail it back to the sender.
  • Receiving results. The sample is examined under a minimum of 21 DNA markers, and the results are obtained. The results are sent back to you. 

You will need to be extra careful when collecting the DNA sample to avoid inaccurate results. To help you with this below is a chronological procedure of how to collect the sample;

  • Remove the cheek swab from the sterile package and discard the wrapping. Do not touch the cotton of the swabs before and after sample collection.
  • Vigorously brush the swab on the top side of one cheek for approximately 10 seconds. Pick another swab and do the same for the bottom side of the same cheek. Using the two remaining swabs, collect samples for both the bottom and top of the other cheek.
  • Remove the swabs and let them dry for one minute before packaging.
  • Place the swabs on the colour-coded envelope. You need to include the following information on the envelope; Your name, exactly as it was in the client authorization form, date of collection, your signature and initials of the person collecting the sample.

Why is a Home DNA kit reliable?

The home DNA testing kit has an estimated accuracy of 99.9%. This is close to perfect, hence making the results obtained from this method trusted. Additionally, their comfort is associated with using a home test kit. All you need to do is press a button to order the product. Notably, its privacy makes it a reliable way to do paternity testing. The parties involved assure you of the confidentiality of the tests and subsequent results. 


Home DNA testing kit is ideal for paternity tests due to its privacy, convenience and accuracy. However, it would be best to use it appropriately to obtain accurate results. The article mentions some tips on using a home DNA testing kit.


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