Eco-Friendly Construction: What are the Advantages of Green Building?


To reach the latest goals of sustainability and environmentally conscious living, certain measures need to be taken across all industries. This includes construction, which provides the buildings we live and work in.  

Eco-friendly construction is the practice of ensuring that design plans make use of environmentally sound and responsibly sourced materials. 

Green buildings offer a way to reduce energy consumption and ensure that habitats are secured within the environment, rather than against it. 

Eco-friendly homes, offices, production centers and warehouses offer a wealth of rewards. Here are the key advantages of building green. 

Add Value

It has been recently shown that investment in green building makes properties more valuable. The asset growth of buildings made to a green standard has seen a 10 percent or greater increase since 2012. 

High performing buildings made to sustainable measures are worth more than non-green building. This is a strong case for green building and design. 

Cost Effective

The running costs of green buildings are considerably less than non-green construction works. 

The efficient use of energy resources such as light and water reduces the daily costs in power outputs. Operational and maintenance costs can account for up to 80% of a building’s expenditure. 

While people have argued that producing green buildings is more expensive, the reduction in bills and running costs soon recovers any imbalance. 

Water Conservation 

A greater efficiency in plumbing features in a building helps to conserve water. Green buildings can do this by reusing wastewater. 

Water efficiency is the use of water that ensures that it is used responsibly. This will ensure that the essential resource is clean, reusable and safely in place for future generations. Green plumbing features reduce water waste and the strain on shared water resources.

Responsible Lighting

Green buildings are carefully designed to ensure that natural light sources are secured whenever available. 

Artificial light can be minimized by only being used as needed. This can be done through the use of motion detectors. An unoccupied room would therefore be unlit to reduce energy costs. 

Health Benefits

Many people who live and work in green buildings enjoy the health benefits of natural and sustainable building materials. Eco-friendly construction companies always avoid any use of harmful plastics or materials found to release toxins. 

Toxic substances in the cavities of walls and roofs have been found to have a significant impact on the health of residents and workers.  Green buildings do not have this risk, as all materials are non-toxic.

Workers in green buildings have fewer complaints about air quality and humidity. Maximizing natural light and can help people to sleep better at night. 

Waste Reduction

Green construction has kept millions of tons of materials out of landfills by reusing and recycling. This has helped to reduce unnecessary waste in the construction industry. 

Green buildings also need to achieve a level of material efficiency. To secure material efficiency, green building use materials that are long-lasting, recyclable and use less raw materials to deliver their product. 

Better for the Global Environment

Every eco-friendly step taken at a local level is a significant one for the entire world. By reducing the use of fossil fuels such as coal for powering a building, green construction helps the world’s environment. The pace of climate change and global warming can be slowed by reducing carbon oxide levels released into the environment. 

New ideas in green construction can help to reshape the future of how we all live and work. The essential steps needed to reduce harm to the environment provide benefits at every level. 

Green construction creates less wasteful and more valuable buildings by following internationally recognized agreements.  Improved air-quality and natural lighting will improve confidence and attract greater interest from prospective residents, tenants, and workers. 



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