8 tips for making a long-distance relationship work


Long-distance relationships can work; the many happy couples who managed to strive can attest to it. But you need to manage a couple of issues, such as staying emotionally close, communicating, and maintaining the spark alive. 

In order for your relationship to succeed, you both need to put in some effort. A survey revealed that long-distance relationships have a 58% success rate. Therefore, if you want yours to flourish, you need to develop a series of habits. 

Here are 5 tips you should try

1.  Establish communication rules

How much contact do you want to have with your partner daily? Discuss with them because different people have different expectations, and you need to establish what communication cadence would work for both of you. 

Put the time in the calendar to check in with the other, even if you call and text daily. Establish date nights when you facetime or watch a movie together. 

Share your schedules, so you know what the other is doing. This makes daily communication smoother. It also allows you to send a naughty text during an inappropriate moment. 

2.      Learn each other’s love language

Each individual gives and receives love in a unique way, and understanding your partner’s love language can help your relationship thrive. The main five love languages are gifts, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, and acts of service. If you know your love language, you can tailor your interactions to make the other feel loved. 

3.      Keep sex fun 

Lack of intimacy is one of the reasons why long-distance relationships suffer. However, you have many options to stay connected with your loved one because devices like a male masturbator can help you keep intimacy alive. Many couples find using sex toys a creative and fun way to explore sexual intimacy. 

Phone sex can covey sexual desire and work as a big turn on for your partner, so even talking about sex can help you build a sense of closeness. If phone sex isn’t your thing, but you want to keep things interesting with your partner, offer them VR sex toys as gifts for Christmas or other occasions. They’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.           

4.      Find activities to do together

Thanks to technology, you can engage in activities with your partner even if you’re miles apart. Try to find activities you both like and do them together. You can brainstorm for ideas at the beginning of each month and establish dates for the activities. Some ideas include: cooking the same dish, taking a virtual class, reading the same book, or training. 

5.      Indulge in romantic gestures

A great way to keep the excitement alive is to surprise each other. Send them a gift, or plan a surprise visit. Tell them how much you miss them when they’re away because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t be ashamed to share your feelings and desire to be together.

6.      Avoid dangerous situations

If you know that your partner doesn’t like some of your activities or hobbies like partying all night or getting drunk with your friends, you should either 1. Tell them why the activity is important for you, or 2. Not do it. 

Even if you could indulge in all kinds of activities before having a serious relationship, now you cannot be careless because your partner can get extra worried or suspicious when you don’t answer their calls or put them in a situation where they lack control or feel like they are powerless. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap you set up for yourself during the first months of a relationship because you need to change some of your habits when you were single. Learn to recognize the dangers before entering into a situation that can harm your relationship. 

7.      Enjoy time alone and time with your family and friends

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of neglecting your home or appearance because you miss your partner. Only because they’re not there to see you or the house doesn’t mean that you should not trouble yourself with caring for your appearance and health or keeping your home cosy and clean. Experts state that long-time relationships offer the partners the opportunity to work on themselves. So, you can use this phase in your lives to lean into discovering new hobbies, developing new skills, or connecting with your loved ones. 

You may be alone, but you’re not lonely because many people love you and want to spend their time with you. Don’t let your world revolve around your partner. Go to the gym with your friends, dine with your parents, and binge-watch TV series alone. There are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve your partner living in the same city as you do. 

8.      Send flirty texts

It’s up to you if you resume flirty texts or embrace sexting. Both methods allow you to maintain the spark and maintain intimacy. It’s always nice to remind your partner that you view them in a romantic light. As long as you engage in it, it doesn’t matter if you use photos, emojis, or words. The point is to communicate to your partner that you see them as your lover, and the erotic element to your relationship is important even when you’re apart. 

As stated before, sexual tension is an important thing between long-distance couples. Sexual desire works like a glue that keeps you both from drifting apart because you won’t search to fulfil it with someone else when your relationship provides it to you. Sex is both a biological and emotional need. So use whatever means you find fit to keep the flame burning. Sexy puns can also work if you don’t know how to create provocative content. 

And look forward to the finish line because one day, your relationship will no longer be long-distance. Keep this in mind and work together to figure out what you can do to close the distance. 


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