6 clever tricks to add a pop of colour to your home


Giving your home a complete renovation isn’t always an option, but there are a number of other creative and affordable ways to freshen up your space. Adding a splash of colour with some fresh home decor is an easy way to completely change your look. Introducing bold colours to your home can feel a little intimidating at first, but with a few simple tricks you can take your space from bland to grand overnight. Here are our top six tips for transforming your abode with a pop of colour.

1. Go bold with your front door

Bright colours aren’t just for the interior. Make a statement before guests even walk inside with a bold front door!

The options are endless, so it helps to find colours that complement the general facade of your home. Single accent colours work beautifully, particularly when they’re set against a neutral-toned exterior. 

Not only does a bright front door look incredible, but it’s easy to achieve yourself and makes for a fun DIY project. Simply remove the door from its hinges, tape up the hardware and other areas that you want to avoid getting paint on, and get painting!

2. Add colour to your walls

Bare walls are the perfect blank canvas to add a dash of colour. From feature walls to bold art and mirrors, there are so many styling options to play around with. 

Painting a feature wall with a block colour is a simple way to add a statement, and you can easily do it yourself. Take it to the next level with some bright, patterned wallpaper! If you shop around, you’ll find there’s a huge range of incredible wallpaper available that can be easily installed to add interest to any room.

If you’d prefer to keep your walls a neutral shade, then you can mount colourful artworks to provide a more subtle hint of colour. Opt for single, large statement pieces or a series of smaller designs that sit side by side. You can achieve a similar effect by arranging a number of different-sized photographs together with bold frames.

Statement mirrors are also a great way to add interest to your walls while helping to open up smaller spaces. 

Adorne your floors with a colourful rug

One simple way to add a pop of colour to your room is with a rug!

Don’t be afraid to go bold with a rug that features intricate patterns, bright colours or interesting textures. Play with different sizes and even try placing them together. Rugs are a great option as they can be easily moved around the house to freshen up a new space, or replaced with something new if you feel like a change in the future.

Illuminate your space with lighting

Whether you’re installing new lighting in the ceiling or changing things up with the addition of a floor or table lamp, experimenting with lighting options is a great way to transform a space and add a dash of colour. 

Replace your lamp shade or existing pendant lights with a new design that adds colour, or add a pair of lamps on either side of a piece of art or furniture to draw attention to the item. Play with different colours, patterns and textures to brighten up a corner. 

Transform your space with textiles

A colourful couch is a bold choice, but you can easily add colour and interest to a neutral-toned couch with some vibrant textiles. 

Add a pop of colour to your living space with a bright or patterned throw blanket and an array of cushions in different sizes and shapes. Using a patterned item is a great trick for taking the guesswork out of choosing a colour palette. Simply use the colours featured in the pattern to help guide you when selecting other complementary pieces for the space.

Add some life indoors

Not only are indoor plants great for improving the quality of air inside your home and reducing stress levels, they’re also perfect for adding a beautiful pop of natural colour to your space.

You don’t have to be a green thumb to add a bit of greenery to your home.There are a number of plants that thrive indoors and require very little maintenance, available in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours.

If adding a real-life plant to your space is too much commitment or your green thumb isn’t quite up to scratch, there are plenty of realistic, artificial plants available that look just like the real thing and don’t require any watering!

Introducing a bit of colour to your home shouldn’t be a scary process. It doesn’t take much to completely transform your space with a pop of colour.


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