How Much Do Quartz Kitchen Countertops Cost?

Kitchen Countertops Cost

Quartz kitchen countertops are stylish, beautiful, and durable, but they are not inexpensive. Their rates range from roughly $50 to more than $150 per square foot for the material and skilled installation. It’s a low-cost stone that’s also semi-precious. The cost of quartz countertops depends on plenty of factors, such as the size of the countertops that may be installed, the cost of installation, the colour and kind of material, etc.

However, installation fees are the most important component in determining quartz kitchen countertops costs. Therefore, when you get quartz countertop estimates, we shall address various aspects that determine where the price spectrum falls.

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops Price Factors

The grade of material, the difficulty of the task, who conducts the job, and where the counters are purchased influence quartz kitchen countertops price. Let’s look at the factors that can affect the pricing of quartz kitchen countertops. You can also read the pros and cons of quartz countertops.

1. Quality

The hardness and the quality of quartz differ. Quartz is an artificial material that comes in various forms and specifications. While the vendor may use the names, closeout/clearance, standard, premium, and designer you engage with, the grades of kitchen countertops vary from closeout/clearance, standard, premium, and designer.

Standard quartz grades are plain and simple, which may be just what you’re seeking in terms of kitchen decor and design. The tone of the colours is usually earthy! When regular quartz countertops are no longer available, they are referred to as clearance/clearouts. HIgher quality quartz countertops are fully resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks.

2. Level of Difficulty

Installing a single slab of quartz with no seams or corners can be simple. However, the cost of a wrap-around countertop with various seams, cut-outs for the main sink and a prep sink, and a designer edge will be high. When estimating how long the installation process will take, consider the corners, seams, and edges.

3. Installer of the Countertops

Professional installation amounts to 20 percent to 50 percent of the overall kitchen countertops quartz cost. On average, it’s 30 percent, depending on other circumstances. If you do it yourself, you can save the entire installation expense. 

However, these are high-priced countertops, and even a tiny mistake can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, quartz kitchen countertops should only be installed by experts who are qualified and knowledgeable in this area. 

You must ensure that the individual you pick for the job is professional and insured so that if the material is destroyed or the countertops are placed incorrectly, you will be compensated.

Cost of Refinishing Countertops vs. Replacing them with New once

If your home’s kitchen countertops are old and worn, you might be considering what to do with them. The expense of repairing countertops vs. taking them out and restoring them with new granite or quartz kitchen countertops is a never-ending topic, and it’s one of the most important initial questions we’ll look into.

  •     Is refinishing a good idea?
  •     How much costing does it save from renovating and replacing the kitchen countertops?
  •     What type of looks could you choose to refinish the countertops?
  •     Is it a DIY job, or should you hire a Pro?

Countertops Refinishing Alternatives

There are various countertop refinishing products available from businesses like cheaper hardware and others that can give the kitchen a new look while extending the life of your countertops by 10-15 years or more.

It might not be easy to choose the right kitchen countertops. However, before splashing on such a major upgrade, keep in mind that one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen redesign is generally the backsplash. 

Many countertop repair products provide a very appealing alternative to replacing them for far below $1,000 and a few days of labor. There are some restrictions on the materials that can be used to finish the countertops, but several options work well.

a) Re-laminate

One method is to laminate the existing laminate counters using sheets. These laminations are available in genuinely hundreds of colours and patterns, giving you a vast range of options. Must read the pros and cons of re-laminating countertops.

b) Epoxy Coating

This is another excellent option for achieving a range of appearances, including granite. Polymer resin blends may be combined with practically any hue to restore countertops or even give them the appearance of stone replacement countertops.

Renovating Costs Take Less Time than Replacements

When you compare the price of renovating vs. replacing countertops, you’ll notice the differences, which are one of the advantages while renovating instead of replacing it.

If you’re planning to replace your countertops, then the process will take lots of time, almost weeks. You have to start the process several weeks before you want the job done.

Refinishing Costs Up to 60% Less than Replacing the Countertops

When deciding between refinishing and replacing countertops, you’ll notice a significant change in the quartz kitchen countertops prices. This is especially true if you’re a skilled DIY who completes all of the work independently. 

Refinishing countertops instead of replacing them saves homeowners anywhere from 30% to 70% on average. The more time and money you save while resurfacing your countertops, the better. 


The kitchen countertops are one of the busiest zones of your house. Therefore the material must have to be right. Factors such as strength, durability, maintenance, and aesthetics play a critical role.

Ensure you balance the quartz kitchen countertops cost and quality. Also, there are additional finishes that will add to the cost of your quartz kitchen countertops, including fabrication, levelling, edge treatments, etc.


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