Home office design ideas if you have a small space

Home office design ideas

Now that almost everyone is working from home, a designated home office space has become so essential. But what if you live in a small home? You’re going to have to be extra clever about how to get more out of your limited space. In this piece, we’ll let you in on some home office design ideas you can use if you have a small space. Read on!

Office Lookout View 

There are many ways of achieving that big open office space look that many prefer. One of the methods available is to open up your walls and build a little table nook into the wall itself. Give yourself a window wall view that stretches to the ceiling. Add black steel frames on the window to provide an industrial vibe. Maybe even add a small ceiling fan above for ventilation. You’ll have a great outdoor view while doing your daily office grind. 

Office Wall Nook 

Have a blank little wall space in your house just standing there unused? That wall might just make for the perfect office nook. Our building designer suggests that the first thing you have to do is differentiate it from the rest of your house. Have the wall hollowed out a bit to give you a nice little nook. 

Paint your office nook with the color of your choice that won’t distract you during work. Then attach a few shelves on the upper part as well as your desk to complete the nook ensemble.

Mini Yard Office

If you’re really pressed for space, it might be time to take your ideas outside. A mini yard office might just be what you need to separate your work environment from home. 

As long as you have a yard space big enough to hold one average-size car, your yard should be good for this.  Many garden shed manufacturers are currently taking orders for these kinds of spaces. 

You can choose between a space with a window, sunroof or even a closed-off space to keep you in the work zone. If you don’t want moisture to affect any devices inside, you can place a few dehumidifiers on standby. 

Kitchen Workstation 

Kitchen workstations are one way of lessening the time between work and mealtime. It’s even better when your kitchen outlets are ready to handle your office devices. (Just make sure the voltage requirements won’t overload the outlets.). 

You can go about designing your kitchen workstation in a number of ways. One of our favored methods is the pullout design option. The pullout design method is a good way of keeping work and meal time separate but close to each other. With just a few pushes and pulls your work station can appear or disappear at will. 

To achieve this effect, you should start by having a built-in cabinet installed in the kitchen with a floor of polished concrete textures. Built-in cabinet is the best option because you don’t want your whole workstation to suddenly move or tip over at any point.

You can then change or replace your cabinets with ones that have a pullout function. You’ll place your printers, scanners and other office supplies in their designated drawers. So when all is said and done, you can open your cabinet and pullout drawers whenever work time arrives.

Glass Door Workspace

If you’re working in a small secluded space, you will need a lot of light. Lamps and fixtures can only go so far compared to the benefits of having access to natural light. 

Windows are the obvious go-to, but that’s not always possible in every part of the house. Some rooms will obviously have no access to a window view. 

One life hack we recommend is to use glass doors to take in the natural light coming from adjoining rooms. For this method to be effective, you need to sacrifice a wall or two to allow the indoor sunlight to stream in. You’ll have plenty of sunlight to enjoy while adapting some of that office building feel.


There are many ways to make the most out of your designated small space with these Home office design ideas. Other areas like your garage or basement may just as easily serve as a good office space with the right method.

Many of these trends will be better executed if you have a professional draftsman to help you out. A draftsman can help you come up with the right home office that fits your home if you don’t have much space. To boot, issues like loud distractions or ventilation problems will be easy to work out with their help.


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