Remodel Your Sitting Room To Make It More Comfortable

Your Sitting Room

A disorderly living space can affect how you feel about your home and your life, according to a study highlighted on HuffPost. Remodeling your sitting room to make it more spacious, to improve the storage space, and to increase the feel of the room is crucial when you feel like this. But what’s the most effective way to overhaul the main room of your home? 

Install bi-fold doors 

There’s no typical sitting room window size. This can be a problem when you want to create the illusion of space and encourage as much light as possible into your sitting room. The answer to this problem is to install external bi-fold doors along the outer back wall of your sitting room. Light will then flood in and you’ll benefit from a great view and from being closer to nature – which is good for your mental health.

Increase the square footage 

The average square footage of a sitting room in a U.S. home is 330 square feet. This does vary across the country though. One way to make your sitting room feel less cluttered and more spacious is to make it bigger. If you have an adjoining room that you don’t mind giving up, you could knock down the wall and open up the space. Another option is to increase the square footage of your sitting room by building an extension. The median cost of a home extension is $48,000. As this is a lot of money, you could refinance a home loan to cover the cost. A  cash-out refinance will give you a lump sum of cash taken from your home’s value to spend on renovations. This type of refinance usually comes with lower interest rates too.

Add a striking talking point

Why not join the 27 million homes in the U.S. with a fireplace? There are so many different designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits the style and tone of your room. A large open wood burner brings the outside in, makes your home feel cozy, and creates a relaxing ambiance. Another option is to remodel your sitting room around an electric fireplace with a remote-controlled screen that mimics the appearance of real flames. A striking feature wall can also be used to boost the mood of your home. Wall tiles, mirrors, wooden panels, bricks, and even chalkboards are all good materials to consider adding to your sitting room walls.

Be clever with storage 

One-fourth of homeowners have a clutter problem, according to Spare Foot. If mess and clutter is stressing you out, remodel your living room with hidden storage compartments. Use stud walls to hide items away behind a door or panel. Buy furniture that doubles up as storage too. For example, window benches can be bought with storage compartments built into them. Sofas and chairs are also available with pull out drawers underneath them to store books and knick knacks in.

Your sitting room should be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable rooms in your home. So, when you’re remodeling it, make sure you take these things into consideration. 


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