Money Doesn’t Matter! Four Jobs With A Higher Sense Of Purpose

Higher Sense Of Purpose

People have different motivations to choose a career. Some prefer a handsome paycheck, whereas some seek to work for a higher purpose. It is difficult to categorize professions because pleasure and purposefulness can vary from person to person. For example, a career in the nursing field might attract some people for the money. At the same time, some may like it because it allows them to help patients overcome pain. Money isn’t everything when choosing a profession, whatever the case may be. So, you need to find a job that provides you with a great sense of purpose. And if it allows you to make a ton of money, consider it a bonus. So, with that in mind, listed below are a few jobs that will offer you a higher sense of purpose.

Social work

Becoming a social worker may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. It requires dedication to assist people in different stressful situations while keeping personal motives aside. You will have to help people suffering from addiction-related problems, physical and sexual abuse, chronic illnesses, etc. You will also have to work with underprivileged communities to ensure access to better healthcare, educational, and financial services. You may even have to travel far from home and work conditions that many may not find ideal. That said, it is among the noblest professions out there.

You can become a social worker and obtain the necessary skills by completing an undergrad in the medical sciences or liberal arts and gaining relevant experience. For some jobs in this broad category of careers, you may even require licensure. Higher education will enable you to score better jobs. So you can enroll in social work masters programs online, to speed up the upskilling process while working as a professional social worker. The online route will enable you to create a flexible learning schedule around your busy work routine. It is a perfect career choice for those willing to put their personal goals aside and help others improve their quality of life.

Speech-language pathologist

As per a survey conducted by Payscale, around ninety percent of professionals working as speech-language pathologists find meaning in their work. Speech-language pathologists generally assist people of all ages. They treat people suffering from communication, swallowing, language, and speech-related medical conditions. Moreover, they help patients who struggle to communicate because of trauma, neurological disorders, hearing impairments, chronic diseases, and much more. They also promote patients to “be strong be healthy”.

If you’re interested in this career, you’ll need to acquire a bachelors in communications sciences and disorders, followed by a masters degree accredited by the Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA).

Occupational therapist

According to another survey, approximately seventy-five percent of participants suggested that working as occupational therapists offers them a great sense of purpose and satisfaction. Now that, combined with excellent career growth and high pay, makes this profession extremely gratifying. Occupational therapists typically use various techniques to help disabled, ill, or immobile patients. Their role includes educating family members, assisting patients with dementia, advocating for children with disabilities, offering recommendations for the right adaptive machinery and equipment, and much more.

If you want to become an occupational therapist, you must acquire a bachelors in biology and physiology. Obtaining a masters in the same field will increase the chances of employment at a reputable assistive care facility. After postgrad, you must also pass the Occupational Therapy Registered examination and obtain a state-issued practicing license. You can boost your resume by acquiring a doctorate in a related field.


While most people consider the eyes a window to the soul, they can also provide you with a window to a career with a high sense of purpose. What’s more, as per a study by Payscale, optometrists are amongst the most satisfied medical professionals in the healthcare field. In addition, these professionals provide patients with routine, essential eye care services. Other duties include offering treatments to manage eye disease, writing medication prescriptions, performing eye exams, performing minor surgical procedures, and more.

To start working as an optometrist, you must acquire a bachelors in healthcare or a related field. After completing the necessary educational requirements, you will have to apply for licensure to practice. Besides working inside a medical facility such as a dedicated eye care clinic, you can also set up your private practice. 


Choosing a profession that provides you with a high sense of purpose and satisfaction is an excellent way to give your life meaning and sometimes earn a quick buck. While your career choice shouldn’t always depend on earning potential, it should allow you to make enough to sponsor higher education and live a comfortable life. So, consider the jobs mentioned in this article if you want one that provides a heightened sense of purpose!



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