Top 3 Podcast Hosting Platform for Your Branding

Podcast Hosting Platform

Today, starting up a podcast is the next big thing. People think of creative content to share with others. Celebrities even opt to be a podcaster to gain more followers and earn more money. However, creating your account is not easy as A, B, C. You need to find a suitable podcast hosting platform for your branding. Luckily, this article tackles it. This article will tell you Top 3 Podcast Hosting Platform for Your Branding.

A podcast monetization platform works through advertisements or charging to listeners. Some even initiate crowdfunding from the audience.

Podcast Hosting Platform

The podcast hosting platform is the home of every podcast. It is vital since it holds all your uploaded episodes and future content. Without it, you can’t broadcast your show to the world. 

A podcast hosting site generates a signal known as the RSS feed. It links your chosen platform to other podcast directories. Also, it connects you to other websites that most audiences prefer. For example, listeners can search you through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, etc. 

Finding and setting up the best podcast hosting platform for your branding is an essential step. It permits your podcast to come out to the public. If there’s no hosting platform, your podcast won’t exist. 

What Must a Podcast Hosting Platform Have?

The majority of podcast hosting platforms provide basic functionalities. Therefore, it is a must-have when choosing what fits your branding. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to check out other advanced functionalities. 


Uploads are the primary concern when picking a podcast hosting platform for your branding. Learn how much content it can store for you. Also, understand if there’s a predetermined amount of time before it gets deleted.

Some hosting platforms only have limited hours of audio upload monthly. Make sure to take a look at the storage options that fit your needs. 


Bandwidth is about the amount of data your podcast hosting software provider will provide. It affects how your listeners will stream or download your episode. Typically, a podcast host limits a bandwidth by data at 250GB in total monthly. It might be too much, but in reality, it is enough to allow 20,000 to 40,000 downloads every month. 

Nonetheless, other options offer unlimited bandwidth. It allows you to have as many streams and listeners as you like. But, take note that it comes with a price. 

Website Integration

Most of the podcast hosting platforms automatically create a website for your branding. It permits you to integrate a podcast player. Also, it shows the previous episode and even promotes other merchandise. With this, it becomes a portal for your audience.

Monetization Support

It’s every podcaster’s dream to earn while talking about what you love. So, it’s essential to pick a podcast hosting platform that helps your start making money. Or improve your earnings. Monetization in podcasting works by putting ads or charging to listeners. Some even initiate crowdfunding from the audience. 

If you’re a beginner, it is highly advisable to focus on creating quality content. Although your long-term goal is to make money, getting an audience is your utmost priority. 

These are just some of the must-haves when looking for a podcast hosting platform for your branding. Of course, there is more to look out for; just make sure it is what you need. 

Top 3 Podcast Hosting Platform

Various podcast host services are now available. But, these are the top 3 options you might want. 


BuzzSprout is the ultimate option for beginners. It offers a free plan that caters to unlimited team member accounts. Also, it permits you to embed a podcaster straight into your website. Plus, its audio quality can upgrade up to 128k stereo optimization. The best part is its extra add-on of podcast transcription service. 

Furthermore, uploading and scheduling an episode is manageable. Once you upload the audio file, you can change the title and description. Afterward, submit it to all other significant directories to gain more audience. Also, attaching episode chapter markers is possible. Thus, listeners can quickly understand what your podcast episode is all about.

BuzzSprout offers a free plan of two-hour content upload hosted for 90 days. Nevertheless, you can scale up and upgrade it based on the content time needed to upload every month. So it’s no surprise why it is the beginner’s choice. It is a podcast hosting platform for your branding while getting started. 


PodBean is famous for being the easiest to use podcast host. Once you have finished recording and uploading, it makes uploads automatically to YouTube. Also, it has an auto-posting to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it is available through their mobile app. 

Their free plan already caters to 5 hours of storage. Meanwhile, the unlimited start only costs a $9 plan monthly. Plus, it offers the inclusion of dynamic ad insertion in every podcast episode uploaded. If you want a more professional show, avail of their unlimited audio hosting and video storage plan


Libsyn is an established podcast hosting service offering advanced features. In addition, it has handy attributes that make podcasting more enjoyable. For example, it allows easy distribution and shows detailed audience statistics. Also, the monetization of audio comes through with premium content subscriptions. Plus, it opts in advertising on your episode. Therefore, you can have a quick analysis of whatever your current standing is. 

Furthermore, Libsyn is quite a name for Enterprise offerings. Their tailored services make podcasters think big about their goal. That’s why you have to be ready for the price. Their initial plan includes 50MB of uploads, and it costs $5 per month. It is enough for one podcast episode. But if you plan to go beyond these, you can easily upgrade it up to 1,500MB of monthly storage. It is typically suitable for podcasters who make daily uploads. 

If you’re more into talking than writing, starting a podcast may be one of the best free marketing ideas. Consider LibsynPRO for professional podcasts before uploading your podcast to iTunes or other directories. You need only a small amount of equipment to get started, such as a microphone and recording software.

Various podcast hosting platforms for your branding are available in the market. However, these three are the top choices by many. Nevertheless, make sure to check for yourself which one you need. If you’re a newbie, Buzzsprout is indeed what you need. On the other hand, PodBean is a user-friendly hosting service. But if you want a more professional-sounding podcast, opt for the veteran podcast hosting Libsyn. 

Nonetheless, nothing beats you if you transcribe podcast show with transcription in it. Look for trusted software like Transcribe by Wreally. It transcribes audio files to text in a secured manner. Their AI transcription focused on privacy. Moreover, Transcribe gives podcasters four time-saving ways to convert your audio file. It is genuinely beneficial to your podcast branding. What a great choice, isn’t it? So pick the top podcast hosting platform for your branding that aligns with your long-term plan. 


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