Revealed: Love locations for cheapest date night in the UK

cheapest date night

A recent study conducted by beauty experts cosmetify has revealed the top love locations for the cheapest date night in the UK. In this blog, you will know about Love locations for the cheapest date night in the UK.

The average date night according to Cosmetify consists of two cinema tickets, dinner for two at a restaurant, one pint of beer, one cocktail and a taxi fare for a five-mile journey. The perfect date night some might say. 

So if you and your significant other fancy this night on the town, but are curious to know where you can do all this for the least amount of money, then this is the article for you. 

We’re breaking down the cost of all these date night activities as well as exploring some of the free things that you can do in each location to top off the perfect date. 

Top love locations for the cheapest date night in the UK

The cheapest location in the UK for a romantic date is Kingston upon Hull. You can enjoy a movie, a meal, drinks and travel home for only £53.74. 

Following closely is Cardiff, then Stoke-on-Trent, Belfast, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Leeds and then Sheffield. 

Let’s see what each of these cities has to offer in a little more detail.

Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull is the cheapest city in the UK for a date night at a total average cost of £53.74. 

Two cinema tickets will set you back £13 and dinner for two at a restaurant will cost £20. As for drinks, the average cost for a beer is £3.37 and a cocktail is £7. To finish off the night, a taxi for a five-mile journey will cost £10.37. 

Whilst enjoying your date night in Hull, why not explore some of the free activities that you can do in the city? There are various museums to explore such as the Streetlife Museum of Transport or the Hull Maritime Museum. Take a romantic stroll through East Park or Hull’s Old Town or maybe even the Hull Marina. 

There are plenty of places to enjoy a date in Hull, even on a budget. 


Cardiff comes in at a close second cheapest city in the UK for a date night. A romantic night out with your significant other will set you back £55.43 in Cardiff. 

To pop to the cinema in Cardiff it will cost an average of £11.50 and a meal for two will cost £21.50. Drinks will come to £10.47, with the average cocktail cost being £7 and beer being £3.47. The average taxi price is then £11.96. 

Before you head to the movies, you could explore some of the other treasures of Cardiff. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a romantic date. You can explore local wildlife and horticulture at Roath Park and Lake for free or even take a walk through Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail, a woodland trail adjacent to the fairy-tale castle, Castell Coch. 


Stoke-on-Trent comes in as the third cheapest city in the UK for a date night at only £58.88. 

A night at the movies in Stoke-on-Trent is more costly than Kingston upon Hull and Cardiff. The average price for two people to go to the cinema in Stoke-on-Trent is £16.25. The average price for a meal for two is the same for both Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent at £21.50. Beers are average £3.51 and cocktails are the same price as Kingston on Hull and Cardiff £7. The taxi home will cost an average of £10.62. 

There are plenty of romantic parks and lakes to walk around in Stoke-on-Trent. Westport Lake, Longton Park and Burslem Park are ideal for an afternoon stroll. The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery is another memorable date activity that you can enjoy for free. 


If you’re in Northern Ireland then Belfast offers the cheapest date night. The average cost for a date night in Belfast is £61.55.

Here you will find the cheapest place to go to the cinema at only £10.26 for two tickets. However, this is balanced out with the average cost for two people to eat out, which is £27. Drinks come to £12.46 and a fie mile taxi is £11.83.

Whilst you’re in Belfast there are plenty of other free activities to enjoy with your date. Explore the Ulster Museum at no cost to see a rich collection of art, history and natural sciences. If that doesn’t take your fancy then why not get lost in the Botanic Gardens with your partner. Discover the Tropical Ravine within the Botanic Gardens, a two-storey labyrinth of tropical plants, flowers and trees. All of this, for no extra cost for you and your date. 


The fifth cheapest love location for a cheap date in the UK is Newcastle. In Newcastle, you can enjoy a full date night for only £62.57. 

Cinema tickets are at the steeper end at £16 for two people to attend, but the taxi fare is one of the cheapest in the country at only £9.86. Drinks come to £12.21 and the average cost for two people at a restaurant is £24.50. 

If you and your partner are keen walkers, you could start your date right with a romantic meander through the picturesque Jesmond Dene. Or if you want to be nearer the water, enjoy the beautiful sights of the Quayside and the Tyne Bridge. If you have more time then you can also make memories at the Discovery Museum. There are plenty of date options that won’t break the bank. 


Portsmouth is only a few pennies more expensive than Newcastle with an average date night costing £62.60. 

Cinema tickets for your date night will cost you £14 and dinner will set you back £27.50. A beer on average costs £3.92, whilst a cocktail will be £7. You can expect to pay on average £10.18 for your taxi home. 

Before you embark on your date night, indulge in some of the free treats easily available to you in Portsmouth. A stroll along Southsea beach brings you to Southsea Castle. Or if the weather isn’t quite right, there are various different museums and galleries to explore. Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery and the Royal Armories – Fort Nelson. 


A date night in Leeds will cost you £63.47, roughly ten pounds more expensive than our cheapest date night in Hull. 

To enjoy a night a the movies in Leeds, you can expect to pay £16.25 for two cinema tickets. Dinner will cost about £23 and drinks will come to £12.90. Your taxi home will also likely come to £11.32.

As the price for a date night steadily creeps up, it is worth making the most of the other fun things you can do in Leeds that won’t make a dent in your budget. There are plenty of options for walks, such as Kirkstall Abbey, Roundhay Park and Golden Acre Park. 


For a date night in the city of Sheffield, it will cost you approximately £64.10. 

Sheffield is certainly on the pricier end for the movies, you can expect to pay £20 for a night at the movies with your date. However, this is certainly balanced out when it is home to the cheapest average pint at only £2.84. Cocktails are also on the lower end at £7 and dinner is a reasonable £21.50. This combined with a five-mile taxi home for £12.76 means you can have a great date night in Sheffield. 

But there is more that you can do in this northern city. Why not extend your date night into a date day and enjoy the wonders of this city. There are several parks to explore with your partner, including Sheffield Botanical Gardens, the Sheffield Winter Garden, Graves Park and Rivelin Valley Nature Park to name a few. If the weather is a little chilly, then there is also the Sheffield Weston Park Museum and Millenium Gallery. You can enjoy all of these for free.


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