Las Vegas residents have always been beauty conscious, indulging in various facial and body treatments to look and feel young. Naturally, even tourists rightly exploit the numerous beauty and spa and also popular facial treatments offered in the famous Sin City. In this blog, you will know 3 popular facial treatments to get done in Las Vegas.

A facial in Las Vegas is not the typical beauty procedure you would expect. Cosmetologists do a thorough evaluation of your skin condition and formulate a treatment plan suitable for you. This kind of customized service is one of the highlights of the beauty industry in Las Vegas.

Given below are three of the most popular facial types that you will find in the fantastic city of Las Vegas. If you are confused about which facial to try, this list of popular facial treatments can help you make the appropriate choice.


There are over fifty cosmetic companies in Vegas offering a range of different beauty treatments. Dermaplaning happens to be one of the most sought-after of these procedures. It is a quick procedure with little to no side effects, involving licensed professionals exfoliating the skin using a medical blade. It makes the skin softer and removes facial hair, ensuring the texture is as smooth as possible.

Vegas folks who cannot use peeling agents on the skin often opt for dermaplaning as a routine procedure. The treatment is also an excellent option for those who have excess vellus hair on the face. Moreover, it is used as a preparation for other procedures such as intense facials, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

Each dermaplaning session can cost between $150 and $250 or more, depending on the service provider.

Oxygen facials

A vast majority of people in Las vegas opt for oxygen facials. It is especially popular with women who account for over fifty per cent of the city’s population. Oxygen facials cannot be performed by just any regular beauty practitioner. They are intensely delicate procedures done only by aestheticians in Vegas spas and other high-end beauty salons. It is not a surgical procedure, meaning nothing is injected into the face or body and does not use any chemicals either.

So how does it work?

In the course of this facial, an aesthetician will clean and deeply exfoliate the face. While every place has its unique way of administering the facial, it is typically done using a wand that delivers a stream of high-pressurized oxygen to the surface of the facial skin. Once the oxygen part is done, many Vegas spas apply a hyaluronic acid serum to the face to make the skin plumper.

Depending on the treatment level and spa, oxygen facials can cost as low as $75 to upward of $200 or more.

PRP Regenerative facials

This extremely popular anti-aging facial in Las Vegas uses “Plasma Rich Platelets” to help clients attain youthful, glowing skin. It uses a micro-needling device to treat wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, abrasions, and acne spots, with natural biological substances. The procedure boosts the overall appearance of the facial skin by boosting texture, elasticity, volume, and vitality.

Dermatologists in Vegas recommend getting the injectables for three consecutive months, after which the effects can last from nine to eighteen months. Sometimes, they can last even longer, about two years, depending on sun exposure, aging, and genetics, among other factors.

The bottom line

On average, women in the US spend more than three thousand seven hundred dollars on beauty products alone each year. This indicates how seriously they take their appearance and health, investing in top quality products and cosmetic procedures.

In Las Vegas and other Nevada cities, men are as conscious of their looks as women, with a large number of them indulging in routine cleaning, styling, and other beauty procedures. This remarkable trend encourages people to take care of their health regardless of age, gender, and race. Inevitably, beauty treatments in Las Vegas are bound to become more diverse and high quality.



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