5 Reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life

You Need a Rug

The rug anchors the space. A good rug can protect your existing carpet or your hard surface flooring. It can also keep your feet warm on a chilly day and stop dust at the door. In this blog, you will know 5 Reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life.

Create a Cozy Nest with a Plush Rug

If you love the idea of hygge or comfort as a decorating goal, a plus or fuzzy rug in a small space can create a lovely nest. If you love to read in a particular chair, put a furry rug under it, add a lamp and get a velvety throw. Hygge isn’t just for snow country!

Brighten Your Space with a Light-Toned Wool Rug

If you’ve ever gazed at moonlight on the water, you understand the cool, calm sense of a low source of light and brightness. If you have a sunny corner that can get warm on the hottest days, adding a light colored one will cool the feel of the space. To keep it tidy, going barefoot can keep you cooler and protect your lovely floor!

Anchor a Formal Space with Rich, Saturated Color

If you have a family room that feels a bit used, you can buy rugs from Rug Empire that can anchor the space. A richly colored rug under the sofa near the television can provide a comfy place to sit while watching a movie with your family. If you have a great set of furniture that suits you clan, grab a rug that matches your seating and add a throw or pillows based on inspirations from it.

Protect Your Feet

Mornings can be tough enough without cold feet. Put it under or beside your bed. Add a rug to the hallway so you can get back in bed with warm feet after a nighttime trip to the bath. It can’t heat water, run a bath or fix a cup of tea or coffee, but it can give your day a much more gentle start. Because much of your time in this cuddly part of your home will be in bare feet or slippers, consider treating yourself to a lighter toned one to light your way to where you need to go.

Finally, Dust Happens

The more dust and dirt your feet and your pet’s feet pick up, the more they will bring in. A heavy duty rug at the front door will catch a great deal of that dust and dirt. One rug can protect your wood or vinyl flooring a lot of damage. Even better, adding a rug to your foyer creates a platform for you entry. Add a tray for shoes, hang up your coats, disinfect your electronics and settle into your safe, homey space.

One rug can completely change up a space, either by adding warmth, protecting your feet, keeping dust and dirt out of your space, or adding a sense of luxury. If you love bold colors, you can find something to brighten your room. If you’re a fan of more traditional patterns, you can also find something that will exactly fit your home. Happy shopping, happy feet!


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