What Is a Sewer Line Inspection Camera?

Sewer Line Inspection Camera

When hiring professionals to perform plumbing services, they might use a unique tool called a sewer line inspection camera. When professionals use this particular camera, it helps show them what is going on in your plumbing and provide them with enough information to fix the root cause of the plumbing issues. Usually, professional plumbers will use a sewer line inspection camera for piping behind walls, piping below the home’s foundation, underground piping, and piping covered by concrete. Since it is difficult, dangerous, or impossible to squeeze an actual human into these areas of the house, a sewer line inspection camera is an easier and faster way to see the problems in the piping. This blog will be about what Is a Sewer Line Inspection Camera.

But, how does the sewer line inspection camera work, and what issues can it find?

How a Sewer Line Inspection Camera Works

The parts of a sewer line inspection camera consist of the rod, camera, and monitor. Professionals will come to the home and extend the rod down the pipe that is having an issue and use the camera to record its state. While recording, the professional plumber can see everything in the pipe on the monitor and save the recording for future reference. 

Doing this helps the professional plumber figure out the exact cause of your plumbing issues to ensure a safe and thorough fix. 

What Plumbing Issues Can a Sewer Line Inspection Camera Find?

Finding the root cause of a plumbing issue is essential so that they do not happen again. It can discover many problems and display them to the plumber because of its technology.  

Locate Plumbing Lines

The great thing about it is that it has location devices that signal where it is in the underground piping. Therefore, the camera can locate where certain plumbing lines are underground. This feature helps to pinpoint the location of a problem so that the plumbers can work on it right away. 

Stoppage and Drainage Problems

If your plumbing is constantly getting backed up or pipes in your home are not draining correctly, then a sewer line inspection camera can help find the root cause of the problem. Waste, water, and debris flow through your plumbing and eventually get to your septic tank or your city’s water treatment center. But, if something is blocking that, it does not end up where it needs to. Using an inspection camera can determine the cause of stoppages and blockages. 

Types of Piping

You may wonder if you have PVC piping or cast iron piping if you want to renovate your home or switch out old piping for new piping. Well, it can determine what type of piping you have to help you decide whether it needs replacing or not. 

A sewer line inspection camera provides many benefits for a home or business. This unique tool helps professionals get up close and personal with the problem to pinpoint it and fix it quickly. 





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