The Types of Wood Used to Make Wooden Restaurant Table Tops

Restaurant Table Tops

A majority of people adore wooden table tops. There is just something about them that oozes magnetic style and elegance. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are also one of those table tops that actually look great with age. The extra wear and tear can give the tables its distinct rustic visual appeal, which does wonders for the décor of many pubs, cafes, and restaurants. In this blog, you will know The Types of Wood Used to Make Wooden Restaurant Table Tops.

For obvious reasons, wooden table tops are a personal favorite of restaurants around the world. So in this article, we would like to take a deeper look into these types of tables. More specifically, we would like to learn about all the different types of woods that are used to make these restaurant tables. Most of these woods are available at a quality lumber store. 

So without much further ado, let’s dive in to learn about all common types of wood used to make wooden table tops.

1 – Character Oak Table Top/ Indoor Use

Character Oak can be identified by its somewhat irregular appearance. It harbors relatively more splits and knots on its surface than the next variant on our list. You will also notice an uneven color on the surface. However, all of these features result in the table top having a much smoother surface. 

2 – Prime Oak Table Top/Indoor Use

Unlike Character Oak, Prime Oak has a regular appearance with an even-colored surface. It also has very few to no knots on its surface. This is a warm-looking wood that features a subtle double grain texture. It is also at least 20% cheaper than Character Oak. 

3 – Ash Table /Top Indoor Use

Similar to Prime Oak, Ash is a type of wood that possesses finer grain detail. This unique characteristic makes Ash a cheaper alternative to oak. Ash is seldom used in its natural state. Most manufacturers stain it to emulate the appearance of other woods. As Ash is a fast-growing wood, it is also considered a sustainable option. 

4 – Walnut Table Top/ Indoor Use

Table tops made from walnut wood are extremely hard-wearing and stable. Its rich-deep brown color is a major appealing factor. Walnut is a slow-growing wood. As such, it is less sustainable and more expensive than most of its counterparts. 

5 – Iroko Table Tops/ Indoor and Outdoor use

Iroko is both attractive and a highly durable type of wood. It is ideal for outdoor seating. You will find such tables in slatted form with visible gaps that allow rain to drop through. It is also a low-maintenance wood, not requiring consistent oil treatment. 

6 – Teak Table Tops/ Indoor and Outdoor Use

Teak is arguably one of the most popular wood types on this list. After all, it has been a popular choice of carpenters to make tables for centuries. Its close-grain characteristic lends it its warp and split-resisting properties. However, teak is not as abundant as it once used to be. It is heavily protected today and as a result, can be extremely costly. 

The Bottom Line

Wooden table tops have been a staple of restaurants for decades now. They are a personal favorite of many restaurant owners because of their distinct look and longevity. The above types of wooden table tops will make it easier for you to choose the ideal wooden restaurant tables to embellish your diner. 

To learn more about wooden table tops, you can get in touch with us at Restaurant Furniture Plus today.


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